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  1. [Agnieszka Klim]Agnieszka Klim (Agnieszka Klim Spiritual Services, Niagara Falls, Ontario)
  2. [Alice Parsons]Alice Parsons (Healthy Pathways, Wellandport, Ontario)
  3. [Amanda Dubois]Amanda Dubois (Psychic Medium/Event Coordinator, Spiritual Niagara, Niagara Region, Ontario )
  4. [Amber Price]Amber Price (Always and Forever with Amber, Niagara Falls, Ontario )
  5. [Arden Kozak]Arden Kozak (Massage Therapist, Medical Accupuncture, Ridgeway)
  6. [Bas Opdenkelder]Bas Opdenkelder (School of Indigo Qigong, Grimsby, Ontario )
  7. [Bonita Pafford]Bonita Pafford (Now & Zen Mindfulness & Meditation, Grimsby, Ontario)
  8. [Brenda Lanigan]Brenda Lanigan (Ultimate Wellness Hub by Essence of you, Port Colborne, Ontario )
  9. [Carolina Lipinski]Carolina Lipinski (Haven Consultations, Niagara Region, Ontario)
  10. [Carolyn Shannon]Carolyn Shannon (Empowerment Starts Here, Niagara Falls, Ontario)
  11. [Charlene Glaw]Charlene Glaw (Seek Within Inspirations, St Catharines, Ontario )
  12. [Charlene Hancock]Charlene Hancock (Mind Joy Life Coaching, St Catharines, Ontario )
  13. [Charmaine Grace]Charmaine Grace (Your Next Step to Possibility, Port Colbourne, Ontario )
  14. [Dave Larocque]Dave Larocque (Dave Larocque, St. Catharines, Ontario}
  15. [David Ott]David Ott (Peak Recovery, Port Colborne, Ontario}
  16. [Deborah Corbett]Deborah Corbett (Light as a Feather, St Catharines, Ontario)
  17. [Deborah Hannaford]Deborah Hannaford (Inner Search Centre, Niagara Falls, Ontario)
  18. [Edward Logie]Edward Logie (Tree of Life Tarot, St Catharines, Ontario)
  19. [Emilie Fowler]Emilie Fowler (Willpower Institute, Niagara Falls, Ontario)
  20. [Erika Caspersen]Erika Caspersen (Adventures in Soul-Discovery, St. Catharines, Ontario)
  21. [Eva Lukacs]Eva Lukacs (Take Your Journey to Freedom, Niagara Region, Ontario)
  22. [Heather Hudson]Heather Hudson (77 The Healing Space, Niagara Region, Ontario)
  23. [Janet Christmas]Janet Christmas (Janet Christmas Wellness, Beamsville, Ontario)
  24. [Janet Lippa]Janet Lippa (Divine Connection, Beamsville, Ontario)
  25. [Jituska]Jituska (Moon Goddess, Niagara Falls, Ontario)
  26. [Julie Boyse]Julie Boyse (Journey 2 Balance, Fort Erie, Ontario)
  27. [Julie Murray]Julie Murray (Jewelz, Psychic Medium, Thorold, Ontario)
  28. [Kathleen Weagant]Kathleen Weagant (Aroma Bubbles Lifestyle Boutique , Fort Erie, ON)
  29. [Kathy & Hal Kerby]Kathy & Hal Kerby (Guided Gifts, Beamsville)
  30. [Kathy Upper]Kathy Upper (Web Administrator/Owner, Spiritual Niagara)
  31. [Laura Shelrick]Laura Sheldrick (Emotion Code, Grimsby, Ontario)
  32. [Lenka Kamenicky]Lenka Kamenicky (Believe in Angels and Beyond, Port Robinson, Ontario)
  33. [Liane Kinsman]Liane Kinsman (The Essence, Ridgeway, Ontario)
  34. [Linda Abbott]Linda Abbott (Linda Abbott, Niagara Falls, Ontario)
  35. [Lisa Ellis]Lisa Ellis (Boost Your Health, Dunnville, Ontario)
  36. [Lisa Fluke]Lisa Fluke (Forever Frozen by Fluke, Fenwick, Ontario)
  37. [Lorenzo M. Nicodemo]Lorenzo M. Nicodemo (The Space Between. Ridgeway, Ontario)
  38. [Lori Brant]Lori Brant (The Happiness Toolbox, Crystal Beach, Ontario)
  39. [Louise Michaud]Rev. Louise Michaud (Message from Spirits, St. Catharines, Ontario)
  40. [Liz Throp]Liz Throp (Liz Throp, Niagara Falls, Ontario)
  41. [Lynn Brazeau]Lynn Brazeau (Lynn Brazeau, Fonthill, Ontario)
  42. [Margarett Sample]Margarett Sample (Spirited Insight, Vineland, Ontario)
  43. [Maria Kondarko]Maria Kondarko (Ganesha, Niagara Falls, Ontario)
  44. [Marilyn Kaufman]Marilyn Kaufman (You Are A Soul, Grimsby, Ontario )
  45. [Marnie Prokator]Marnie Prokator and Kelly Serniak (Blissed Out, St. Catharines, Ontario)
  46. [Marybeth Haines]Marybeth Haines (The Gal Speaks, St. Catharines, Ontario)
  47. [Murielle]Murielle (Teachings by Murielle, Niagara Falls, Ontario )
  48. [Nancy]Nancy Broerse (Colour Me Happy, Virgil, Ontario )
  49. [Paula Boylan]Paula Boylan (Evolution Coach - Welland, Ontario)
  50. [Ritu Singh]Ritu Singh (Feng Shui Consultant/Tarot Reader, Niagara Falls, Ontario)
  51. [Sandra Atkinson]Sandra Atkinson (Grandmother Blue Owl, St. Catharines, Ontario)
  52. [Scherri Dickson]Scherri Dickson (Soulful Energy, Fort Erie, Ontario)
  53. [Sundara Divine]Sundara Divine (Sundara Divine, St Catharines, Ontario)
  54. [Sherry Brouzes]Sherry Brouzes (Serene Energy Feng Shui, Welland, Ontario)
  55. [Susan Winning]Susan Winning (Intuitive Reading by Sue, St. Catharines, Ontario)
  56. [Tami Dickson]Tami Dickson (The Calm Zone, Ridgeway, Ontario)
  57. [Thrive]Tara Lea (Thrive Mind Body & Soul, Niagara Falls, Ontario)
  58. [Tracy Kennedy]Tracy Kennedy (The Spiritual Spa, Niagara Falls, Ontario)
  59. [Vanessa Hurst]Vanessa Hurst (Clairvoyant Medium, Port Colborne, Ontario)
  60. [Vange Cain]Vange Cain (Incisive Listening, Niagara Region, Ontario)
  61. [Dr Yvonne Oswald]Dr Yvonne Oswald (Global Welcome, Niagara Falls, Ontario)