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What has brought you to this work?

I was 7 years old when I saw my first UFO and that was my first experience that prompted me to further explore the metaphysical. When I was 10 years old I was taken aboard a ship, a Arcturian craft called the Starship Athena and was shown many things about the universe and the Earth. I met another one up there whom I now call my Star Sister, and we work together. One of my embodiments or souls was an Arcturian named Anthor who now teaches quantum physics, and quantum mechanics to my Star Sister. Then even at a early age my experiences were with ghosts or spirits, seeing shadows talk to each other, and apparitions walking in the hallway of my parents old house.

At age 14 another experience happened while walking the dog with my mother, we both saw a big huge orange ball in the sky moving slowly, my mother said it was the moon. Then I proceeded to point to the moon, and my mother and I both watched this object slowly drift off. Many other experiences since then with both metaphysical, ghosts, and spirits, as well as UFOS.

Many of us go through life not knowing or experiencing such things, and when you do it sometimes can cause some confusion, or even fear. The work I do is to help others understand on a higher scale meaning a galactic scale of what is going on around you. I have had 40 years of experience and have obtained knowledge that can benefit many. With this knowledge and wisdom, I have helped many others to understand what is going on not only in the world but also within themselves. I have benefited many with this knowledge and wisdom. From remote viewing a person’s safety across the world, to helping others find answers to things that seem to have confused them. I have taught many people about multiple subjects relating to healing, energies, galactic origins, star seeds, and also quantum theories.

It is an honor to be part of this group, and to be able to interact and to share this knowledge with all of you.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Quantum Healing
Quantum Healing is a powerful healing technique using the Divine Flames of Source to heal pain, and chakras. This can benefit those who experience pain, anxiety, imbalance, and depression, to name a few. I also teach taught others how to use this quantum technique. It is this service that I am here to do, to help and guide many and to assist where I can.
Galactic Realization
Help people to identify to which Starseed they belong too. A definition of a Star Seed is a soul that volunteered to be here under Source/Prime Creator for a mission to experience within a body(vessel) on a lower dimension, and to learn lessons about LOVE and LIGHT, and to grow.
Galactic Past Life Readings
This helps people understand who and what they are, and their purpose here in this world.
Trance Channel
Being a channel of 8 emobdiments, at present, Taleinia, Divine Feminine/Goddess energies to heal, nurture, and teach the world and its people. I AM Taleinia, I AM coming from the 72nd dimension, in what you would term as the Ursa Major Constellation. I AM on the Galactic Council with many other Ascended Masters and beings. These beings and Masters make up the Council of 12, or Universal Council. Since the earlier times it has been known as the Council of 9. It is now changed because of many star nations now that have joined the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) and the Sphere Being Alliance. It is a grand time Dear Ones, and it is to be treasured, with the current energies that are coming to your world, there’s many things not only within the Earth/Mother Gaia, but also within yourselves and your bodies. It’s a time of NOW and I AM presence (meaning your higher selves) to be the change of your reality, all through LOVE and LIGHT. Be the LOVE. Be the LIGHT. For that Dear Ones is what you are and created from, pure unconditional LOVE and LIGHT.
Dream Analysis
An analysis of dreams and what their true meaning is and how it comes into play in your life.
5 Question Answers
Questions that can be asked by a individual on specific or other topics relating to them or the world around them.
Bad Energy Removal
Removal of energies that are of a negative influence, also entities that attach to a person.
Karma Clearing
An analysis of your Karma, and clearing it from a individual or person.
Chakra Analysis and Balancing
A energy clearing and analysis of your chakras to enable balance within your body. All chakras can also be unlocked.

Please see my Facebook page "Best Universe" for pricing.

What philosophy do you live by?

I live by the philosophy that WE ARE ONE, we are all connected together, as a unity, consciousness where we can use our abilities to join forces and to rid the world of it's evils. Everything is energy, vibration and frequency, that is how the universe works.


Ken brought together a group of like-minded people to help each other evolve to higher vibrations. He always sends key messages to keep us moving forward with love and light. I am so grateful to be part of such a meaningful group and am grateful for Ken for bringing us all together. Thank you. <3 <3
- Sarika Myburgh

I have known Ken Best for a year now and in that year he has helped me with my spiritual journey through guidance and healing through energy work. Since working with Ken I now can say I no longer suffer from what my problems were. He also has been helping me with opening my connection to my spirituality and has been helping me to understand what my gifts are. I am so grateful for Ken's help and would strongly recommend him to any potential clients as he truly know what he is doing. Over the years I have seen a few healers and Ken is one who I can say is real. If you wish to know more please do not hesitate to contact me via Ken Best.
- Jean Manukau

As I have known Ken Best for 1.5 years now, he has been a big change and support in my life. He has helped me very many times to step into the higher dimensions and to trust and believe in what I see and hear. To support me on my path, with great guidance. His healing aids that he send to me were phenomenal and heartfelt, as being lifted in a higher state of my higher self state remembrance. So I could go inside and do the clearing and clearing that was needed. Always he works from pure intentions and unconditional love energy. In challenging situations, he was energetically there to protect me as well, as I could enter places of very low energy and would feel totally protected. His energy field from cosmic pure source I could feel. That way I could learn a lot from those situations and do my souls work. The healing energy he sends is very intense and powerful to receive. To experience this process to be helping me to heal much quicker and to invoke my own self healing properties. His teachings of the divine flames and to use it myself as an aid to help myself and others is a most beautiful gift he has given me. As a great teacher he taught me to be the Goddess self and to invoke the divine flames of the universe. He has great knowledge about the whole cosmic fields and beyond. He has great insight on every soul's path and cosmic energy. His awareness and talents in the multidimensional realms, is the most I have ever met to know someone to have access to. I am very grateful to have Ken Best in my life as a loving teacher and brother of the light. Namaste,
- Esnadi from Restore your life

I have been practicing metaphysics since 1991. I feel very confidenent Ken Best will be a great benefit to any loving spiritual community. Although I have been in many metaphysical churches myself with wonderful teachers I must say Ken has been very enlightening to me. He is one of the most gifted persons I have ever met. I feel you will be very engaged in his divine gifts ha has to offer.
He is actually the one to teach me a very great deal of myself. And through Ken I too am now able to more readily guide and teach others which I probably would not have done prior to meeting Ken.
I'm sure you will also be blessed with his loving kindness to the entire planet as he was born his beautiful way graciously.
- Jane LaTour