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Paula Boylan
Evolution Coach

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What has brought you to this work?

I was born to usher in Goddess energy. I have remembrance from the age of 3 of both Astral travel and an intuitive "knowing"that the way forward for humanity would come through the energy of the heart.

In 1987 I became aware of my purpose in this lifetime. It was to heal the negative aspects of patriarchal energy which had engulfed the planet. For 20 years I remained true to my loving, compassionate nature while married to someone who was struggling with the controlling, manipulative, abusive energy which had permeated the human story. I was able to ground the energy of love and compassion which had been missing from our planet for thousands of years. I was not the only one with this job to do. There were thousands of us tasked with a similar job.

2012 saw the end of my first assignment. We were successful. Enough unconditional love and light now existed on the planet that humanity avoided annihilation. 4 years of integration have passed since then and now it is time for my next job. I am guided to teach others how to re-birth the energy of the Goddess. The energy of the Goddess encompasses creation, destruction, regeneration and sometimes contradiction. Not an easy energy to work with, but required at this pivotal time in our evolution. It is well worth the work. It is a beautiful energy of acceptance, non-judgement and unconditional love. It is an energy which leads to a joy filled, peaceful life.

Numerologically, the Earth is now in a 1 year (2017) - it is a time to ground energy for the next 9 year cycle. Won’t you join me?

I have a degree in Psychology, am certified in personality typology, am certified in coaching for positive behaviours, am trained in Behaviour Modification, have 20 years of coaching experience. I have studied world religions and quantum/meta physics for the past 25 years to find the optimal creation point between science and spirit.

I have had a daily meditation and yoga practice for 26 years. I have been utilizing brain wave entrainment for 15 years.

I use divination tools to bring language to the messages I receive from the spiritual realm. These include Tarot, Evolutionary Astrology, Intuition, and Shamanic healing work.

I utilize a love of technology to teach through directed workshops on-line.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Esoteric tools to access hidden information and gain clarity
Artisan and manufactured supplies to aid in wisdom attainment
Understand the self with psychology tools
Personality Dimensions
Myers Briggs
In person seminars/workshops
Get Unstuck in a Day - (target self-limiting beliefs and plan for next steps)
The I AM workshop - (using art and meditation to connect with the self)
Directed on-line study courses
These courses will help you see from a different perspective, move past limiting beliefs and open to a more intuitive life of love and purpose.
Become the Watcher
Flow With Life
Personal Coaching to provide targeted guidance, accountability and results.
Please visit the 'work with me' page on my site. You can book a free get acquainted call from that page. During the call, we can decide which offering best suits your needs.
Mini-Coaching Package to provide clarity around a specific issue.
Includes Tarot, Astrology reading and a 90 minute coaching session.
Goddess alchemy altars
One of a kind personal home altars to help you connect with your Goddess energy and create your amazing life.

What philosophy do you live by?

Be authentic. Be kind to self and others. Self-love and self-compassion lead to love and compassion for all. Develop the self and the world will reflect back who you have become. Stay open. Question. Trust your intuition. We do not know what another is here to learn, so judge not. Have faith that all is as it should be. Accept that destruction is part of the creation process. Something must leave for something new to enter. We are all strong enough to usher in a new age of wisdom; to usher in the rebirth of the Goddess. We are all ONE.


Paula helped me wade through the unrealistic societal definitions of the perfect life, the perfect body, the perfect family. Her own enlightenment brought me to the core of me; to what the perfect definitions are for me. With Paula’s guidance, after 25 years of all talk no action, I have successfully opened my studio shop this year!
- Tina Vincent, Welland, ON

The work I have done with Paula is by far the most transformational work I have done! I would say the hugest payoff has been my new found true, genuine love of self. My goals are being achieved, my worldview has changed and life is becoming more manageable and exciting every day. Paula’s energy is contagious and her work is cutting edge. She is the best of the best.
- Ann Mcleod, St. Catharines

Paula’s background knowledge has given her the tools to mentor and help us find a path through our daily relationship and career struggles. Thanks to Paula, I have found a direction to move forward with as well as a new found inner strength that I needed to reconnect with. It was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone who needs some help in their life.
- Robin Nisbet, Port Colborne