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What has brought you to this work?

There was a time I was feeling broken to pieces and I couldn't figure out how to make my blueprint match my vibrations. The vibrations I hid behind, because I thought I would be labeled as crazy. I desperately needed for my life to change, but I didn't know where to begin.

What changed, was I became honest with myself and stopped conforming to the conventional picture of femininity and I started to enjoy being a woman, my vision of what a real woman represents to me. When I began to stop lying to myself and seen myself for what I really am, this is when my life changed for me. When I began to be myself, because really, there wasn't enough time in a day to be someone else or play the role of two people. It all happened when I created a life I was dreaming about on my own terms that didn't need permission to be free, and that is when I realized I can have it all and more. Through this transformation began to change other women's lives, by creating a life of abundance. I help women identify what stands in their way and help them dissolve those blocks.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

I am former aesthetician and have delivered services of healing arts for over ten years I wanted to take all my skills and help other women heal and live a life of abundance. I guide women to tap into their creativity, so they can visualize what a creative life looks like from their lens. I am a certified Coach through the Adler Professional Coaching Certificate Program which is a Accredited Coach Training Program by the International Coach Federation (ICF). As a Freedom Coach I help women discover what freedom looks like to them and identify the blocks that stand in their way.

Life Coaching Services
I want to make a difference as a coach. My deepest desire is to lead women who are looking for spiritual transformation to evoke beyond their measures, so they receive spiritual growth that they once felt wasn't possible.

My mission is to change the way the world views freedom. My mission is to open their eyes to brighter pastures.

I offer the great escape from old paradigms that holds us back.

I want to lead women to walk in their femininity.

What are your perceptions around being a wife?

Would you be ready to explore? As your guide as I ask some deep rooted questions that will also give you clarity about who your desired mate is, so when he shows up there is no question in your mind if he could be it? You will have clarity and a deep understanding of your needs as you walk wildly, boldly, and openhearted.
As your coach I deliver photos as a philosophy as I have a deep rooted belief that visualization opens our mind's eye to fully take in the message being delivered open-heartedly.
What I can offer you:
  • Enlightenment
  • Understanding
  • Clarity
All of this devotion leads you to walk into fear and bring enlightenment, trust in yourself and enough clarity to dissolve broken illusions.
If you are the kind of woman who:
  • Is ready to unleash her wild side and finally live free on your own terms
  • Who's ready to invest in her own self-improvement
  • Who is creative and easy to shine her bright light
  • Who's ready to be inspired from the tip of your toes all the way to your nose
  • Who wants to detach from old beliefs and create your own vision on your own terms
then I invite you into my offering beloveds.
I invite you in

It is time to shine

Are you ready? If not why? What blocks need to be eliminated for you to shine?

There was a time I lived with a lot of fear it felt like I was in a maze with no exit insight. I embraced freedom and I felt liberated and I want this same liberated life for all of you.

I want you to have a spontaneous life without guilt or fear. I want you to feel commitment and ready for action, because I know what lack feels like. I want you to know your truth, your worth, and what you stand for.

I want you to feel inspired to and have understanding of your truth. I want all this for you.
My Book - Unfold Your Petals
The book Unfold Your Petals is about the embodied woman opening her petals like a rose. It’s about strife and looking to the goddesses of ancient times to carry us to where we need to go, as goddess Yemeya travels beside us on our journey. It’s about being sheltered by the arms of goddesses who truly want to see you succeed. The more we open up as embodied women, the more we dream, love, live, grow, and unfold like Aphrodite, the beautiful rose. Each of our petals represent the accomplishments that have nurtured our wounds, and what we can’t nurture, the goddesses carry us through. Here is the link to purchase online

What philosophy do you live by?

I live by the theory that everything is possible through direction and vision, commitment, and devotion.


I have known Evangeline Cain for thirteen years and been good friends with her during this time. My experience of our association has been and still is one of rewarding encounters, strong friendship and emotionally stable interactions. In this new endeavour will be found a dedicated caring person whom has always demonstrated a natural love and easy going appreciation for all. She has done an amazing job of raising her two children, even through extreme difficulties, has found the courage to put her family first and make something of herself that uses her natural talents.
I am happy to recognize Evangeline as a person eminently suited to her chosen field of LIFE COACH. She is spirited, even tempered lover of life, charitable in her dealings with everyone. Her capacity for compassion is one of her strongest attributes which enhances her ability and willingness to listen, which gives an ease and diagnostic approach to dealing with clients. This is my full endorsement for Evangeline Cain in her career going forward. I have been in the service industry for most of my working life and consider myself experientially qualified for her chosen endeavour.
- Derah

When I first met Evangeline she asked me if would I be interested in doing an interview for her business and I said yes because she seemed like such a wonderful person through our conversation. During the interview I felt comfortable like I was I hanging out with a friend, yet I sat there learning about myself. During the interview we spoke about what it means to give away our power and how we can get it back. We spoke about what a healthy relationship looks like and through these topics I learned things about myself.
- Rika

When you think of determination, honesty, and strength, and true friendship you know you can depend on Evangeline Cain to bring these aspects out in you. A passionate author & extreme life Coach as she helps you develop your potential by helping you face your true self. I remember when I had to use her services I was in perplex by thinking it is as every other life coach, but my experience was totally different than what I had expected her skills as her skills were about getting to know you as a person, before getting to the issue. What intrigued me most was her devotion to help no matter what it takes and she is the true definition of putting others first to help. I was attracted to the passion and willingness to help. I'm one to be a lucky person to have gotten to know her personally and professionally. Evangeline Cain is the guide that leads to your spiritual life and many other worries you need to overcome.
- C