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Laura Canal
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What has brought you to this work?

As a small child, I remember sitting on my bed, looking out the window, up at the sky and asking; why am I here, what is my purpose? The message was *Life has a great quest for you*!

For many years I felt different, separate from others, never quite fitting in. My emotions constantly fluctuated, feeling unnerved, and shocking tensions ran through me. Eventually, I realized that I am empathic, and absorb energies from the world around me; other people, places and animals. When I learned the importance of grounding, centering and protecting my energies life opened up to unlimited possibilities and the magical light from within began to shine.

Throughout my life I was intrigued with human behaviour and the effects on the physical body. My formal education was in the medical field, but I never followed that path because I had a different perspective on healing. I find that western medicine deals with the symptoms, specific to a particular system in the body, and not the body as a whole. The lessons that I experienced during my life, brought me to a path researching alternative holistic healing therapies. I believe that treating the body as one whole system and balancing our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual is imperative.

In 2002, I found myself focused on the importance of my feet. Working in the Hospital industry and serving people for over 15 years at that time, I was constantly on my feet, I noticed how the high and low energies correlated to the way my feet felt! What did this all mean? The electrical connection of our feet and hands to earths energies and the world around us, have a great affect on our performance in our daily routine. I am a Reflexologist and Reiki Master. With a passion for people and a thirst for knowledge, I continually educate myself to find ways to help others decipher the signs that our bodies are giving us, to create balance within the physical body, and enjoy peace and serenity.

As I experienced each session with my individual unique clients, and researched the feet, I have come to an understanding that it is imperative to pay attention to our feet. Our feet are the miracle part of our bodies; they house estimated 10’s of 1000’s of nerve endings. They are designed to give us feedback from the brain in milliseconds. Our feet are our support, balance, and mobility. They are what connects us to earth, grounding and rooting us to the planet; they are the foundation and stability, giving us the flexibility, mechanical complexity, structural strength and resilience. Listening to your feet is important!

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

60 minute Intuitive Reflexology Session
Kick off your shoes and relax! Reflexology is a focus compression technique on the reflexes of the Feet and each reflex connects with all parts, glands and organs of the body. When the reflexes are compressed the body’s natural electrical energy works along the nervous system to clear any blockages. When doing a full reflexology session, a complete routine is done on both feet and lower calf areas; this seems to break up deposits which may interfere with the body’s electrical energy. This activates a parasympathetic response in the body to enable the blockages to be released by a physiological change in the body, with stressed removed and circulation enhanced the body is allowed to return to Homeostasis; this is a mechanism in the body that enables it to return to balance. Following the full session I will give intuitive feedback for further insight. - $60
75 minute Consultation and Intuitive Reflexology Session
This is a great session for those that want to learn more about the chakras or energy centers of the body and how this all connects with the reflexes on the feet. I will go over the 7 main chakra centers, and enlightening you of their functions and the organs and glands that are correlated to each energy center. How does this all work? You are one whole system that works synergistically. Sometimes energies become blocked in the body. During this session I will do a reflexology session on you and give you insight into the possible cause of the blockages. The feet have so much to tell about your body. This session includes intuitive feedback. - $75
60 minute Intuitive Hand Reflexology Session with Tuning Forks
Enjoy a 60 minute session beginning with cleansing, balancing and recharging your heart center with the OM Tuning fork. We are electromagnetic being and each energy center or chakra center is vibrating at a specific frequency. This is a perfect time to relax & enjoy, while raising your vibration and a tune up to bring harmony in your body, fully charged and the flow of Ki/Qui/Chi universal energy re-established.<
Following the Tuning fork portion of this session you will enjoy a relaxing Hand Reflexology session, targeting the reflexes to unblock the flow of the electrical field that directly connects to the heart center. By stimulating the reflexes on the hand it will remove stress and tension, and improves circulation; this is great for any one with anxiety, lung issues such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis, chest colds or individuals that have had a stroke or neck or spinal injury affecting the cervical spine. At the end of the session you will receive intuitive feedback. - $60
60 minute Intuitive Hand and Foot Reflexology Session
This 60 minute session is "Pure Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Balance"! Reflexology is a focus pressure technique on the feet and hands that removes stress and tension and increases your circulation, improves metabolism and bring the body back to balance. There are reflexes on the feet and hands that connect, to all parts, glands and organs in the entire body. When this pressure technique is performed on your feet and hands that unblocks the electrical interference in your body, causing a physiological response enabling the body to return to homeostasis. The hour session will be divided up, 30 minutes on the hands and 30 minutes on the feet. On completion of the session you will receive intuitive feedback. - $60
75 minute Paraffin Wax Treatment and Intuitive Foot Reflexology
Tranquility! Beginning this session with soaking your feet in essential oil, and then a sea salt scrub; followed by your feet being wrapped in a warm coat of paraffin wax. Get into your Zen zone and meditate with relaxing music for 20 minutes. Then you will enjoy a session of Foot Reflexology to enhance circulation and remove blockages caused by stress and tension. At the end of the session you will receive intuitive feedback. - $75
60 minute Paraffin Wax Treatment and Intuitive Hand Reflexology
Serenity! Melt away all your stress while your hands are wrapped in a warm coat of paraffin wax and enjoy meditating with soft music for 20 minutes. Open your heart with a relaxing Hand Reflexology session. Our hands are an extension of the heart energy center and generally we forget to unblock the stagnant energy that gets stuck around the thoracic area of the body. This session is great for anyone that has arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, autoimmune disorders, thyroid disorders, Raynaud Syndrome, a stroke, or paralysis caused from injury to the cervical or any damage to the spinal cord. At the end of the session you will receive intuitive feedback. - $60
60 minute Crystal Energy Healing Session
This is a 60 minute session using Crystals and Reiki as the tools to clear unwanted energy, release energy that is clogging your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. In beginning of the session you will be going into a deep meditation and specific crystals will be place on your chakra center to clear, release and balance the energy centers. During this session you will also be receiving Reiki, which is a light touch or above the body energy technique. A session increases one’s life force energy that brings the body back into balance promoting a healthier life. At the end of the session you will be enlightened by intuitive feedback. - $60
90 minute Intuitive Hand and Foot Reflexology with Hot Stones
This treatment will leave you floating!! Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are used on the Hands and Feet to maximize the therapeutic benefit. Beginning with the Feet, hot stones will be massaged gently to the calf and feet area for optimal relaxation and then a Reflexology Session will be done on the feet. Next a hot stone massage will be done on the hands and the forearm followed by a Hand Reflexology Session. Once the session is complete I will give you some intuitive feedback. - $90
90 minute R&R Session
Time to re-energize! This 90 minute session you will put your feet up and enjoy 45 minute Reflexology Session, then lay back, close your eyes deeply relax during the 45 minute Reiki Session. You will receive chakra cleansing and balance. This session includes smudging, essential oils, tuning forks, crystal healing, relaxing music and ending with intuitive feedback. - $90

What philosophy do you live by?

Authenticity!! Living in my own Truth! My feet planted firmly on the ground, centered in my heart and emanating *Love* to All. Unconditional love is the one thing that will heal the collective consciousness. I am here to communicate that, as each and every person deserves to feel, loved and belong on earth. My mission is to honor and respect everyone, and assist individuals to the realization that self love is an important part of their individual journey.


"Your name is fitting because that is how I am greeted every time I walk in the door. With MILES OF SMILES. It only took one session for me to become hooked. I enjoy everything from the warm inviting atmosphere to the courteous professional sessions. I respect the fact that you explain everything in a way that I comprehend. The fact that you are in tune with everything little thing amazes me every single time. It is also a bonus that you offer gift certificates because that has been a perfect way to introduce many friends and family into the world of reflexology and reiki. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed each and every session and always leave feeling amazing. In a busy world where sometimes it’s hard to balance all that life has to throw at you. There is nothing like a relaxing reflexology/ reiki session to help your inner balance which will in return help with your overall balance. I look forward to introducing more friends to Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions."
- Tami

"My first experience with reflexology was a positive one. Laura was skillful with her technique and was quite adept in identifying the areas in my body where I was experiencing problems. The treatment was amazing and left me feeling very light and relaxed. I will definitely be returning for future treatments!"
- Terry

"Thank you for the amazing reflexology treatment today. I felt so relaxed and refreshed and calm. I just want to say thank you. You always make me feel happy. Your positive energy keeps me calm on the most stressful of days. Keep on smiling. I absolutely love all your inspirational self healing quotes and words of wisdom. Very uplifting!"
- Tamara

"By far one of the best and most relaxing experiences ever! Definitely returning and letting all my friends know! Laura was dead on about a lot of things and I feel like I got a free therapy session along with the reflexology and reiki!"
- Jennifer

"What a great experience, Laura was wonderful! She was able to pinpoint all of my issues and provided useful solutions. She is a beautiful soul who guided me towards a brighter light and happier life. I would recommend a session with her to everyone"
- Amanda