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Adventures in Soul-Discovery

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Erika Caspersen
Adventures in Soul-Discovery

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What has brought you to this work?

I believe that clues to our life-purpose, our deeper WHY, are found early in childhood. Those activities we loved so much that they captivated us and time seemed to stand still provide hints as to the livelihood that will give us the greatest joy.

I've always been inspired by the adventure of discovering the world around and within me. My childhood was full of exploration. My room was filled with all kinds of treasures: a microscope, telescope, books on the solar system, dinosaurs and fossils, art supplies, a globe and my fish tank. I loved to dig in the earth and discover shiny stones and ancient fossils. I collected all kinds of things: rocks, stamps, fossils, bird nests. I raised all kinds of interesting pets: snakes, salamanders, birds and butterflies. By age 10 I had memorized the order of the planets and the names of the major rock categories.

My favorite movies and TV shows: Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Star Trek, also held clues. I loved the fantasy of traveling and exploring distant lands with specialized training for an important mission for which only I was suited. Even today I relate well to Captain Janeway of the Starship Voyager. I embrace her passion for exploring distant worlds and her yearning to return safely home. The story reminds us that the journey really is the destination and of the universal desire to return home - a powerful metaphor for remembering what really matters and embracing who we truly are.

It makes perfect sense when I launched my new business, Adventures in Soul-Discovery, why this direction felt so perfect. The essence of my brand is simply an expression of the real me - one whose greatest passion is the joy of discovering life's greatest treasures, and then sharing these gifts in joyful service to others.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

In the Community I serve as a Life & Soul Purpose Coach, Healer and Retreat Facilitator. Through my local and international signature ADVENTURE in Soul-Discovery Programs and Retreats, I help individuals achieve greater clarity about their life purpose and potential. Participants emerge from my experiential programs rejuvenated and inspired, and ready to move forward with greater joy, freedom and impact. As an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor I facilitate 1:1 and small group healing sessions with the Energy of the Healing Angels.

In the Corporate Sector I serve as a Healthy Workplace Innovator. My mission is to help transform Healthcare by facilitating personal healing amoung healthcare leaders and providers, thus reigniting passion and purpose in their lives while helping them become as healthy and inspired as possible.

I am also a contributing author of the recently published book DEFYENEURS Season 1 - An Inspired Movement of Entrepreneurs.

I recently served as a Provincial Healthcare Specialist for the Ontario Ministry of Labour, and developed the 2013-14 Plan to eliminate injury and illness in healthcare workplaces. I also currently serve as the Health, Safety and Wellness Program Development Specialist with one of Ontario's largest and most complex healthcare systems.

What philosophy do you live by?

I believe our Soul and Life-Mission is multi-faceted and includes healing, learning, teaching and ultimately joyfully serving others. Life for me is an adventure in discovering, embracing and sharing the treasure of our unique gifts and talents in service to others. This allows us to access and radiate greater joy, peace and love thus positively impacting the world around and within us.

My overall Soul-Mission is to inspire HOPE - Health & Healing, Optimism, Passion & Purpose and Empowerment. This guides all my actions and interactions. My life mission as expressed through my livelihood is to help individuals worldwide discover and live their deeper WHY, so they can serve with greater joy, freedom and impact!


"Erika, thank you for such an inspiring and uplifting weekend. Your theme of Igniting the Soul Purpose was very timely for me, your materials were so engaging, and I loved the variety - of meditations, to video, to sharing, throughout the weekend. And what an incredible group of women to connect with! I feel truly blessed for having the opportunity to attend this weekend retreat and I thank you for putting together such an outstanding event. I look forward to attending your next retreat."

"Amaaaaaaaazing weekend with Erika Caspersen at her retreat in St. Catherines! I feel transformed! Thank you Erika!"

"Erika’s retreat was more than I even expected. I found it liberated my vulnerabilities and transformed them into strengths!"