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Medium, Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor, Sound Therapy
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Scherri Dickson
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What has brought you to this work?

As a child I was very sensitive and would pick up on people's emotions and state of being and would be drawn to help them some how, I would even try to save the worms when it would rain and they would be in the puddles. I would connect in all sorts of ways with spirit I just didn't know what or how to processes the information. Fast forward to being an adult I finally found my way to Reiki and when I did that everything started to fall in place and made sense. I was able to fully embrace my healing energy and Mediumship from that day forward I have strive to be the best version of my self and embrace my unique abilities.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Reiki can slow the "monkey mind", reduce pain, restore energy & help manage anxiety. Reiki has the benifits of stress reduction & relaxation, Reiki works with the bodies natural abilities to improve health & wellness. Reiki is a natural therapy that gently brings balance to the client. I also offer Reiki level I, II, III certification courses

Sound Therapy
Crystal Singing Bowls & Tuning Forks vibration and sound brings your energy and body into alignment creating a sense of calm energy. This process is something to be experienced; it will bring you to a meditative state allowing your body's healing energy to be released. Before you know it you will be feeling the positive shift!

Tarot Card Readings
The reading can bring clarity and understanding that you may not always get on your own

Mediumship Reading
Spend time exploring the connection to your love ones on the other side!

Paranormal Investigation Home or work energy clearing, smudging
If you find your having issues with everyday negative energy or having difficulty with unwelcome house guest ie: earthbound spirits etc. I'm here to help work out your issues!

Akashic Records/Soul Realignment Practitioner
A reading of your records, looking into your past life will bring awareness to blocks that you are dealing with in your current life and help you to remove these blocks allowing you to bring more joy & less stress to everyday.


Reiki Level I, II, III certificate course
- Learn the healing Technics of Usui Reiki.

Chakra meditation
- explore the main chakras and how the energy of your chakras effect you everyday. Learn how to clear & balance your Chakra system through meditation.

- Explore different ways to relax and meditate. Learn about breath,raising your vibration and other important techniques to bring regular clam into your life.

Crystal healing bowls meditation
- Join me for a relaxing meditation with reiki and crystal singing bowls.would you like to have your own class in the comfort of your home? Just need 4 or more people.

Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing
Together With Julie Boyse of Journey 2 Balance we offer a evening of sound healing and yoga with Crystal Singing bowls & Drums, during a powerful meditation.

Smudging 101
- Learn how to effectively clear yourself & home of everyday energy.

Additional Services
House/ Land clearing
Home & corporate events
Platform mediumship

What philosophy do you live by?

Keep it simple, Breathe, Always be kind


I was very open to my reading . Scherri's reading was like one I've never had before! She was able to connect to four members who had passed. She was able to tell me things that solidified things I was unsure of and had messages to pass onto my other family that helped to put their mind at ease! It was such a special experience. Thank You so much!

Scherri has been an integral part of my healing from life being flipped upside down to learning more about myself. With regular reiki sessions and akashic record reading , the healing process has been so beneficial. Scherri has such a kind soul and is so compassionate which is felt at every session we have together. When I first met Scherri, I felt as though we have known each other for a long time. Her gifts have helped me grow into further connecting with my true self and diving deeper into the unknown. Scherri is always so helpful when wanting to know more about any questions I might have for her and we always have the best conversations. I have learned so much through Scherri and recommend her to everyone !

When a friend couldn't say enough about how great the meditation class was she was taking I was all ears. She was so excited about how the techniques she learned after only one class had helped her and that the instructor was great and I should sign up I did! It was great ...I signed up for Scherri’s Chakra classes...then signed up for and achieved my level 1 Rekei. I'm so excited and proud of my achievements and it’s all thanks to Scherri and her incredible ability to teach, guide and share her knowledge. I’m anxious to continue learning and expanding my abilities. My friend was should sign up too!
- Tami J