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What has brought you to this work?

I am from Toronto originally. I have always been interested in spirituality and in healing. As a retired ESL teacher I came to Welland where I met Debbie Boehlen. Debbie inspired me to start taking more courses. I took Reiki II, Axiatonal Allignment and Indian Head Massage with Debbie, and then Reflexology with Mr. Shanti Parakh of Niagara Falls. I also studied and did more personal work with Dr. Sharon Forrest and others.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Indian Head Massage is a form of massage therapy which was created in India thousands of years ago. It is from the Ayurvedic tradition that focuses on the head, shoulders and neck. The client is seated and fully clothed. The Indian Head Massage releases blocked energy by applying pressure to certain points on the neck, shoulders and head which corresponds to each chakra. This allows a person to reach a deeper feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. The release of tension helps to alleviate headaches, migraines and tension built up in the shoulders, neck and back. This can also promote clarity and increased concentration.
A session takes 45 minutes and the cost is $35.00.
REIKI (Usui)
Reiki is a Japanese technique to help with stress and to promote healing. Reiki is life force energy that causes us to be alive. When this energy is low or blocked we can feel lethargic or ill. People can access this life force energy themselves or from a Reiki practitioner. Reiki treats the whole person, the mind, the emotions and the spirit. Some people use Reiki for spiritual healing or for self-improvement. Reiki is also used in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. The client remains fully clothed and lies down on a massage table.
Some practitioners touch the body but I am guided to stay at certain distances from the client. I let the energy that I am receiving from the client guide me as to where to stand and how long to hold a position.
A session takes from 30 to 45 minutes and costs $30.00.
Massage can integrate the body. We cannot underestimate the importance of touch. I studied massage with Cindilee Ecker-Flagg and others. Massage rids the body of toxins and helps people feel great as it helps the lymphatic system. We know the effects that stress plays on our health so a massage can provide relief so that the body and psyche can heal itself. Emotional releases can take place which can help imbalances. Circulation is improved and tight muscles can relax. Relief from stress can help with anxiety and even depression. Studies show that massage even boosts our white blood count which helps the body defend itself from disease. The oils stimulate every organ, muscle and bone of the body at a cellular level. The immune system is boosted and the structural/electrical balance is restored. The oils that I put on the back can dislodge old "stuff" lodged in the back and feet as the reflex points allow the oils to be felt through the entire body. In a world where we are constantly taking care of others, massage offers us quality time spent on caring for ourselves. Greater relaxation promotes healing at a deeper level.
One hour is $60.00.
The feet are so important. Many of us don’t take care of them enough. We put them into shoes that are not good for them and when they hurt we don’t listen. Reflexology gives the feet a chance to speak. When I apply pressure to different areas of the feet they tell me how that person’s energy is in different areas of their body. The foot is a map of the whole body and when pressure is applied to different areas there is a reaction from the client which lets me know if there is an imbalance in that area. This allows the body to heal itself. My clients leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated in mind and body after a Reflexology session. I include a meditation before starting. This is done with the person lying down and fully clothed with only the feet and lower legs exposed.
A session is from 45 to 60 minutes and costs $45.00.
Relax and detox with salts or other products that can help our bodies to heal
A session takes 20-30 minutes and the cost is $10
Tuning forks were originally used to tune musical instruments. Healers use forks to increase the amounts of energy, to balance and bring healing to different areas of the body and the energy systems called chakras. There are nerve centers along the spine which are stimulated so organs can benefit and become more healthy and balanced. I use the tuning forks with the body fully clothed or on the back to add to a massage when I am using the essential oils. Forks fine tune and balance chakras while relaxing the body, to alleviate stress and promote healing.
A session is from 30 to 45 minutes and costs $35.00.

What philosophy do you live by?

I have to simplify things into three catagories: health, wealth and love. Integrity and compassion cannot be bought. I am also aware of the need for a therapist to do their own work. People also need to take responsibility for their ownhealth and energy on all levels.

Often we need to question what we’ve been taught by parents, teachers, doctors and other well-meaning individuals.

In healing sometimes people just need a safe place to talk. I've found that often a large part of what I do entails just listening. Sometimes just asking a person questions helps them to clarify something they are dealing with.

If I only think of a person as a body, I think that I am missing something that they may need. I trust that each and every person must find what works for them. Different strokes... And so I believe in all kinds of healing methods. We are all snow flakes and we need to find out what works for us.

When I see ads promoting meds (chemicals) that will only mask a symptom that someone is experiencing then I worry due to the side-effects that Western medicine has. I feel that we need Western medicine. Absolutely! However, if I can find an alternative route to my own personal healing I will take it. I want to find out the root cause of a malady. That is my mission, in my own healing, and with any client that comes to me.

I am concerned that not enough education is spent on promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle. It seems that most dollars are spent on trying to cure illness.

Many of the most important things that we could learn as children are not taught to us in schools. Re-evaluating our curriculum in schools could be a very important mission.

Re-evaluating our lifestyle and how we are taking care of ourselves is so important. Our most important investment is in ourselves. Alternate health care, in my opinion, is definitely a step in the right direction.

Have an awesome day!!


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Heather for over a decade. I am very privileged to have experienced her many healing talents on a personal and professional level. I have had Heather join us in my retreats for many years and have seen the positive outcomes on many of our guests. “everyone loves Heather”
Heather is a caring individual who is truly genuine and really cares for her clients. I would welcome Heather to share her many talents at my centre anytime she is available.
To this day I always recommend Heather for anyone in her area. I personally book with Heather when I need my own treatment as I know she takes her time and she is passionate about her work."
- Lisa Ellis, Boost Your Health Wellness Center

"Heather Hudson is a reflexologist and so much more. I am a reflexologist as well, but when it comes to my feet. I like to visit Heather as she is a miracle worker, an intuitive, and just a gift from the divine. She sets up a very special place for the reflexology. The space is loving, calm, and nurturing. Her touch, technique, and care just makes me and my feet feel as we are floating on air."
- Edward Lambert

"I have been seeing Heather for years for Reflexology and the reason for that is that she is the best Reflexologist I have ever been to. Heather comes purely from her heart when she is doing her treatments. I have had periods of foot pain and it never fails that that pain goes away with Heather’s reflexology treatments. Thank you Heather!"
- Debbie Boehlen, The Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage