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Vanessa Hurst
Vanessa Hurst - Claivoyant Medium

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What has brought you to this work?

Being a Psychic has been my family's business for last six generations, so it was me the universe chose to carry on the family tradition. I was blessed to be taught by my Uncle Ralph Hurst and Grandmother Dorothy Broughton of British Columbia. However, it wasn't until I turned 16 that my talents for finding lost objects, knowing things I shouldn't or seeing dead people was confirmed to be Psychic Medium abilities. Before that age I grew up on a beautiful fifty acre hobby farm, going to church every Sunday, doing my best and trying to understand what made me so different than the foster sisters and brother I grew up with! It was my Foster Mother that knew I was "different" after I described to her the crime scene and how my real father died when I was six years old. I hadn't seen the man since I was 13 months but on the night of his funeral (that I did not attend) he came to me with his story in which I relayed to my Foster Mother promptly the next morning.

In my early 20's and on I expanded my talents doing readings across Canada and the United States as well as learning many different teachings from Aquarius Society of Vancouver, East Hamilton Spiritualist Church, Mohawk, Ojibway , Toltec, Aurum Solis, Templar Knights etc. I trained in Tarot, individual and property clearings, meditation, art therapy, Spirit Guide portraits, Past Life Regression and much more. Honestly I do not think I will ever stop!

Although my Grandmother and Uncle have now passed I do my best to hold the family beliefs and abilities in the highest and best and am ready to teach the newest up and coming readers in my family and the world!...there are quite a few and I may have my hands full!

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Psychic (Evidential) Mediumship Readings
I read past, present, future and speak with past on loved ones and guides to receive messages and clarity for the client in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual paths. I can not tell them what to do but I can show them all the choices!

One to one sessions, phone sessions and reading parties.

Personal/ Property Clearings/ Investigations
Using different techniques of investigation to understand and evaluate a low level vibration or spirit for removal as well as using the appropriate technique of Smudging or clearing depending on each individual person, place or thing and it's low vibration severity.

Art Therapy
Vanessa is also a published portrait Artist in NYC, Ibook and discography for her work with the Beatles and acknowledged by Sid Bernstein, NYC Beatles Promoter and John Lennon's wife, Yoko Ono, for her art and meditation class Peace Art. This class teaches students about vibration, meditation and art with lots of laughter! Great for all ages!

Spirit Guide Portraits
Tuning in, drawing and colouring in chalk a client's Spirit Guide and their Guides messages.

Past Life Regression
Guiding the client into a deep meditative state to allow them to remember their memories of their past lives.

What philosophy do you live by?

I choose to live my life as honest as possible and to always do my best. I will keep learning and in turn teach what I have learned. That is my job, why I was born. I am what I am and I will be that, nothing more nothing less! ~ Vanessa Hurst


I have to say that I myself am a healer and an intuitive with many gifts to assist people. I found Vanessa Hurst by a friends recommendation. What she helped me discover was so life changing that I told her I had truly been looking for her for over four years. When she did the first reading it changed my life and my outlook completely. I could relax and move into the true person I am and work that really fits me best. It was not two days and I called her again to understand another depth to my life and my whole families lives and how we would fit together in a very special way in the future. Vanessa`s practical and wise approach to life gave me great inspiration and forward movement to my life and my loved ones. I would recommend her to everyone. I plan on continuing to call upon Vanessa Hurst regularly in the future.
- R. C. Keefer, Aptos, Ca

I've known Vanessa Hurst, since her early connections to my family. At the young tender ages, she would not read me, with honesty, she would explain that our young spirits change to quickly. It was not until my adult years, that I sought her guidance through situations when I desperately needed clarity. Vanessa Hurst is one of my most trusted, and is very wise in her practices. It allowed me see and appreciate the good in those storms I was facing. Vanessa Hurst, has the greatest ability to connect to spirits, realms, past & present. To see, feel, and read, the vibrations, an "average" person can not.
- N. Findlay~ Clairmont, Hamilton, ON.

You will find Vanessa readings to be light and uplifting always with the element of fun. Vanessa has also combined her talent for drawing portraits and Mediumship together. A beautiful keepsake. You will definitely walk away smiling after an unforgettable enlightened reading with Vanessa.
- K. Jones, Simcoe, ON.