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What has brought you to this work?

I can honestly say that I did not go searching for this work; it has found me! It is a gift that I have always had and never really realized, or knew what to call it until I was in my early teens. I thought that the visions I saw and the messages that I heard were normal and everyone experienced them; I have to admit that I was a bit shocked to realize that not everyone did.

My inspiration for using these gifts to help others and to bring closure, comfort and peace of mind comes from my dad. My father got ill when I was just a young child and passed when I was a teen. I had a hard time coming to terms with his death and trying to get answers to the common question we ask at difficult times; "why"? I was fortunate that my gifts were able to give me the answers I was so desperately looking for and it is something I would like to share with others to help them answer that "why" question when it comes up in their lives. Wanting to help others took me in the direction from doing solely readings, into opening a retail store so I would have a way to provide clients with tools and a sacred space that can help them on their individual journey. Proudly, one of the biggest compliments that I hear time and time again is that not only do we come to Ask Jewelee to fill our shopping list, but we come for advice and help to learn how to use these unique tools.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Most people know me as a reader. I am a psychic/medium who has been reading professionally for over 20 years. Being psychic means I have the ability to see things, hear things, feel things, and sense things that most people haven't learned to tap into. Being a medium means that I have the ability to connect to loved ones that have passed and to share those messages. I have been on the North American Psychic Expo tour for several years, and if you have been to some of the big psychic expos in your area it is very possible that you have seen me there.

I am also the owner of Ask Jewelee a very unique new age boutique located in Niagara Falls, Ontario; where I provide clients with tarot/psychic readings, mediumship, palm and witches rune readings. A reading with me is in depth, detailed, accurate and always confidential. I am also a Reiki Practitioner and a Crystal and Herbal Specialist. With the addition of the retail store I am able to offer classes and workshops for those of you that would like to develop your own intuition. What makes Ask Jewelee different from all the other new age stores is not only do I sell those hard to find products I also creates things such tools as the witches runes, rune stones simplified, and spirit circles, just to name a few; and you are always welcome to come in for some hands on help.

My store is me, if that makes sense. The tarot decks I sell are ones I read with so that if you purchase a deck for yourself, you can come in for help when you need it. The herbs I sell are ones that I personally use and are from a magickal supplier, they are harvested by the moons cycles with the intention that they are to be used for. There are hundreds of crystals out there but the ones I sell are the ones that I personally use on a day to day basis. When you shop at Ask Jewelee you are not just buying a product you are getting a bit of magick with it and also 20 years of knowledge, and that is something you can't just buy.

What philosophy do you live by?

I know I am supposed to have some big spiritual answer for this question, however inside I am just a normal person like you. I am a single mom of two boys and have struggled over the years to raise my family, set a good example, and instill good values. I have been blessed with a gift and it is one I intend to always use to help others. As I continue on my spiritual journey of learning and growing I will try and pass on and share with others as much as I can. I believe that no matter where we are on our path we all have something to teach and we all have something to learn and it is important to share that knowledge. In my classes I tell people that you will hear many different ways of doing things and different ideas and some will resonate with you and some won't, simply take what works and makes sense for you, learn and expand on it, and toss the rest. Remember there is no right or wrong way; it is what you feel that matters.


"I first met Jewelee in the mid 1990's at charity event for a small community heart and stroke fundraiser. I had recently been to a few different psychics; the ones you find in a bar during happy hour, or in cheesy strip mall in Niagara Falls. I was skeptical, still feeling freshly ripped off from my previous encounters. Jewelee welcomed me to her table, offered me a cup of tea, asked me my name and told me to shuffle her cards. Jewelee laid the cards on the table and instantly I felt at ease as if I was having a cup of tea with an old friend. Without exposing the skeletons in my closet I can tell you that Jewelee was bang on. For the first time I had met a psychic who understood me, accurately assessed (for lack of better words my dramas) and gave me the guidance and advice I needed to work through my particular situations. 15 years later Jewelee and I are still friends and her readings are still as insightful and as accurate as ever."
- Bret Ruston, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

"A few years ago my mom got very sick and I did a search for alternative medicines and new age healing. I found Jewelee through a Kijiji ad offering a course on crystal healing I was very nervous to take her class but mostly desperate for any kind of help. Her class was small and intimate and immediately I felt a sense of family with the few others I met in the class, almost kindred spirits, like we were all meant to be there. She must have felt what I was going through because she struck up conversation with me after class. She knew I was caring for someone ill at home and handed me a few crystals and sat with me and listened to story. She looked into my eyes as I sobbed and explained how I could use the crystals to bring about comfort and peace. My mom passed a few months later and I returned to her store to thank her. She already knew. Jewelee, you helped me through the most difficult time in my life and I could never express my gratitude for your kindness and compassion."
- Sarah Moore, Fort Erie, Ontario Canada

"I happened to be in Niagara Falls with a few girlfriends for a summer vacation bash 3 years ago and we wanted to get our cards read. We were at a bar and the waitress overhead and recommended Jewelee. We went to her shop, which my friend called cutely calls "the spiritual oasis" and sat down for our readings. Jewelee astounded me when she connected to my grandmother, I didn't realize she could do that, I had only ever been to a tarot reader before and I didn't know what a medium was before Jewelee. I was kinda bummed that we were leaving in a couple of days for home and I couldn't bring Jewelee with me, but she said she did phone and e-mail readings as well. I've had several phone readings since and she's always been right on! Now my girlfriends and I have "Jewelee dates" without having to leave my living room, it's a little easier on my bank account than a week in the Falls!"
- Chelsea Thompson, LA, California, USA