Introducing...Kathy and Hal Kerby
Owner, Medium, Reiki Master
Guided Gifts Inc.

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Kathy and Hal Kerby
Guided Gifts Inc.

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What has brought you to this work?

Our journey has really evolved together. As a child Kathy had premonitions and did see spirits but this was dismissed as not being real, as many of that time have experienced.

We both had an interest in the spiritual world and would go for readings with various mediums or psychics. We were told that Kathy definitely had mediumship talent and abilities. We decided to explore these skills and took classes for 2 years in meditation and intuitive development. Kathy started offering readings from her home and found that her ability continued to grow stronger.

Hal connected with someone who offered Reiki classes and training and decided to pursue his master level in Reiki. We have both always felt strongly about the offerings at the Willow Den store in St Catharines and are very grateful for what they have provided to us. We experienced how helpful developing a connection with spirit and/or your intuitive self was and is for someone’s mental health.

We decided that it was time to offer something similar to Willow Den in Beamsville. On October 10th of 2017 we opened Guided Gifts a retail store where we offer readings, treatments and workshops along with inspiring products.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Medium Readings
Kathy offers Medium Readings and Energy Readings together. Kathy will connect with your loved ones who have passed for messages for you. Your Spirit Guides are asked to come forward for any guidance or messages. Kathy combines her mediumship readings with connecting to your energy to see what Chakras are blocked and give advice on how to unblock them.
Meditations and Intuitive Mediumship Classes
Kathy offers classes every Thursday at 7pm at the store on a drop-in basis. These classes explore various types of readings and meditation practices to assist in skill development. See our website for the class schedule and contact us to book your spot.
Reiki Treatments and Classes
Hal offers Reiki energy healings. He is trained in Usui Reiki. This is a relaxing restorative treatement using a hands on technique working on the energetic body. As a part of his treatment he also receives intuitive messages. Our services are provided in a private room within our Spiritual Store.
Hal also teaches the art of Reiki as a Reiki Master. He offers classes in Reiki levels 1, 2 and Master level. Contact us to attend and see our website for the class schedule.
We are always working on developing and partnering to offer other classes, along with the classes listed above. See our website for our upcoming schedule.
We are open to having others offer classes or events at our location. We have the space for participants. (How many does it hold?) Feel free to contact the store to discuss further.

What philosophy do you live by?

We both live by the philosophy of being kind to yourself. If you are kind to yourself and take care of your sacred energy than you have more to offer to others. Life is a full circle. What you put out into the universe, you will receive back.


Ever since my Reiki session with Hal at Guided Gifts I cannot believe how completely energized I feel. The session itself seemed like the most relaxing nap ever with the most vibrant and comforting of dreams. I feel much more awake and have been getting told I seem much "brighter and relaxed"
- Dave H. Burlington

Very inspirational and a feeling of peace from you connecting with my past, could not thank you enough!.
- Catherine S. Beamsville

What a fun and fabulous store, amazing owners that are welcoming and knowledgeable with great prices!
- Tabatha - Beamsville