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Dave Larocque
Holistic Training and Healing

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What has brought you to this work?

Pain was my catalyst into this work. I have had to deal with many pains physiologically, emotionally and spiritually. When I was 15 I made a commitment to becoming a great body-builder and have LOVED exercise ever since. Having a strong will and clear vision of my success I was prepared to make great sacrifices to achieve this dream. My attachment to this dream, and some emotional baggage, caused me to be stuck in an illusion that body building was my purpose for 10 years even though it was clear my body didn't agree. This inner conflict often made me angry, frustrated, and depressed.

At 25 I decided I'd find a solution to the cause of my chronic pain regardless of what it would take. I tried chiropractors, physiotherapists, medical doctors and many other specialists. One of them told me there was nothing wrong with my body, twice! At this point I was open to try anything outside society's conventional means. Clearly mainstream methods weren't working.

This new, strong, determined attitude for seeking the truth has led me to find amazing people that sparked my healing journey. I had to work on healing my emotional baggage. It led me to an amazing therapy called Bio-Energetic Analysis and to my spiritual awakening in the spring of 2017. I switched my exercise routine to something my body agreed with, I began eating healthier and changed the environment around me. I devoted myself to serving others by helping them get healthy in every aspect of their lives. Since the summer of 2016 I have taken a Can-Fit personal training course, 2 ELDOA courses, and a Reiki course. I am passionate about the human body and learning how it works.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Personal Training (In-home)
My Personal Training services are geared around giving my clients what they need to balance out their muscular system and get them to move effectively (which can help alleviate chronic pain.) I tailor the training towards my client’s goals; whether it’s decreasing body fat, building muscle/strength, improving effectiveness at a sport, preparing for a fitness test, etc. The training I provide is holistically focused; I provide support and guidance wherever it’s needed. The way we carry ourselves and how strong our physical bodies are, are directly linked to how we feel. This is a main reason why exercise is an integral part of an individual’s healing journey.
Developed by world re-known Osteopath Guy Voyer, this amazing standalone method focuses on spinal decompression, creating space between vertebrae. This is an exercise method that once learned with confidence a client can perform at home. Benefits include: alleviating pinched nerves, decompressing herniated or bulging discs, alleviating sciatica, improving functional scoliosis, increasing awareness, improving over-all posture, strengthening your spine, eliminating long term tightness and discomfort, reducing the effects of arthritis, and more! I recommend this method to individuals who have had at least 1-2 years of recent regular strength training.
Reiki – Intuitive, Clairsentient
An energetic healing modality where I channel universal healing energy and direct it onto the client. I offer a unique approach to this modality using the language of the body, my clairsentient ability and my intuition to guide me into giving the client what they need. When the client is open and receptive it will provide the best results. Benefits may include: mental clarity, increased energy, lower stress, a decrease in chronic pain, reduced fear, the release of emotional baggage, increased body awareness, deep relaxation, reaching a state of peace, opening up to spirituality, and more.
Healing with Bio-Energetics
Bio-Energetic Analysis is a revolutionary mind/body therapy focused on relieving repressed emotions in order to bring peace to the organism (individual). Trapped emotions live in the body and are often held in by unconscious muscular tension. Once the mind/body is worked on sufficiently; the muscular tension eases and energy/emotion flows, allowing the repression to be released. Alexander Lowen (the therapy’s developer) has linked muscular tension, physical pain, stress, fear, anxiety, compulsion/neurosis, shallow breathing, and disease/cancer to the cause of repressed emotions. It has been proven that psychotherapy is not enough to help clients. Bio-Energetics is a combination of body & mind (psycho-somatic) work. It is a more holistic and balanced approach to achieving greater mental health and physical health.
* I am not a psychotherapist and I simply use principles from this amazing therapy.
I offer a relaxation massage or deep tissue massage blended with Reiki. The main aim is to relax and release muscular tension/soft tissue knots, which can: improve range of motion, increase mood, improve energy, lower stress, improve joint mechanics, decrease chronic pain and even release negative emotions. The added effects of the energy healing from Reiki increase the effectiveness of the massage and provide even more benefits.

What philosophy do you live by?

Express your true, authentic self! I had been looking for liberation and freedom for a long time and it was inside me all along. The most rewarding thing you can do for yourself and the world is sharing the most real and authentic version of yourself for everyone to see. It is so freeing for the individual, and the world will get to benefit from the beam of love and light that you are.
Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching. Have an open mind and be open to receive the lessons life has to offer, in the forms of pain, suffering, hardship, people, experiences, and just observing the world around you. If you're not open then you can't learn the lesson, and you'll continue to suffer. Also, learning subjects you're drawn to and love will help you live out your life's true purpose and will bring great joy and fulfillment into your life.


Personal Training
Dave is real, honest, patient, and has a deep level of awareness and understanding of the mind-body connection. He shares his knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and his confidence makes it easy to trust his guidance. He takes it upon himself to help and support you in any way you need. He has given me hope and helped me see the possibility in achieving goals I had labeled as impossible. After my back injury and dealing with chronic pain for 8 years, I never in my life thought I’d be able to lift heavy again. I had given up on almost all physical activity, but am now more motivated than ever! He is supportive in encouraging self-awareness in body and mind, to provide a greater, more holistic, overall state of well-being and healing. He is an excellent coach for growth in any area of life.
- Selina Raud, St.Catharines, ON

My first introduction to Dave was his advertising of his experience and education with ELDOA. I was most impressed with his genuine and sensitive explanation of why he became an ELDOA instructor and how he had to re-train his way of staying fit mentally and physically. Dave has first-hand experience of what a loss of your original life plan is and how to re-address a lifestyle change. His extensive knowledge and education of ELDOA made me feel more comfortable with this new experience. His gentle way of demonstrating the appropriate exercises for my challenges (back and foot) were very respectful and appreciated
- Jay Andrews, St. Catharines, ON

Personal Training
My experience so far has been very positive and informative. Working with Dave has helped me understand why I was having pain in certain areas of my body. Dave was also able to help me improve those conditions and provide me with exercises that are tailored to my body. Working with Dave also taught me that everyone has different bodies and I respect the dedication Dave has to learning how to be the best trainer. In conclusion working with Dave was a great experience. Dave lived and solved a lot of the similar problems I have had to live with. When I am looking to invest time and money in a service it is usually with someone who has knowledge and experience and that is what Dave brings to the table.
- Corey Cheropita, Niagara Falls, ON