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What has brought you to this work?

I have had a strong pull towards the mystical from a young age. Growing up in a primarily christian household made it tough to practice the craft. After having countless books and other items destroyed I halted my studies, but I eventually found my way back to the moonlit path through astrological profiling. I have always been a self-taught solitary practitioner who prefers low magick to highly ritualized practice. Working in one of Ontario's oldest Occult Boutiques for five years also helped grow my knowledge base as I had access to a large library of metaphysical material. During my time in college I was invited and initiated into a very private sect of advanced practitioners who shall remain nameless. I have done very little of the ritual work needed to advance in this above mentioned group, but am looking to continue my studies, and eventually will advance beyond the stage of neophyte and glean what the goddess has hidden for me in that practice. After graduating college I was approached by an interested party to finance a Magick shop here in St. Catharine's and that is my current focus.

Here at The Dark Butterfly we are responding to a perceived need within the community for a source of alternative spiritual supplies and guidance. Chelsea (the store manager), has an extensive background in the Metaphysical craft, and was hand picked by Anna (the owner of the shop) to assist clients with their personal needs. An experienced professional in the business for over five years, she aims to assist you with the manifestation of your goals and intentions utilizing a variety of Magickal techniques, customized and catered to the individual need. For those who already have a strong understanding of their own practice, we offer a large variety of supplies you may need to complete your manifestation intentions.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Our full service Magickal supplies shop provides a wide range of spiritual supplies such as candles, crystals, oils, oracle/tarot cards, books, herbs, visualization/manifestation kits, and much more.

We also offer spiritual readings, astrological profiling, guest mediums and readers, as well as metaphysical themed classes.

Our professional staff is discreet and unbiased, welcoming any questions and striving to find a solution which works best for the client.

Our goal is to assist patrons to meet their spiritual objectives, and develop a connection to their internal power source, for the betterment and healing of the individual.

What philosophy do you live by?

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with the knowledge and supplies to perform their energy manifestations. We are non denominational and concerned with providing privacy and support to our customers, no matter what Magickal goals they may be perusing.


"I call the Dark Butterfly the "magic" store. It is a very special place to find all kinds of beautiful, magical things. I love the candle collection especially! There is a candle for almost every magical purpose. Chelsea and Anna are amazing resources to guide & give support in all that they offer. I send my clients to the Dark Butterfly to find something special along their path of healing & change".
- Kathleen Milligan, Family Life Coach

"The Dark Butterfly offers its customers an uplifting and delightful experience, for those seeking to improve the quality of their life. The positive energy upon entering can be felt, Chelsea and Anna’s knowledge about their product is vast. Your questions will be answered, bringing one well-being, peace and happiness. Upon leaving the shop you will feel uplifted, peaceful, happy, and well informed, ready to take on your new adventure. Being at the shop is quite a positive experience, check it out!"
- Paul Spenaldy, A Voice in the Wilderness

"Always a pleasure visiting this peaceful, positive store. So happy to have this wonderful store downtown!!! Thank you Chelsea and Anna for your warm welcomes!"
- N.W., Client of the Dark Butterfly