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What has brought you to this work?

A WAKE UP CALL is my interpretation of an unforgettable Angel intervention or near-death-experience (NDE) that literally opened my eyes in 1994! It all happened during my honeymoon to the west coast of Canada and is definitely pivotal to my current Angel work.

Yes, my new husband was surprised to say the least. He have just married me only a few short days and almost lost me and now I'm talking about Angel visits! Guess that's what...'For better or for worse!' means? He continues to be intrigued with the synchronicity of it all and I quote him here... "Gloria seems to make many people happy with the artwork and writings she does, so I am certainly OK with that. Also, think my Angels saved my life in 2005."

This ANGEL intervention event was definitely unexpected for me yet I see now it was perfectly orchestrated. It has become the eye opener for me to recognize how my ANGELS' choreograph all areas of my life! This awe inspiring guided heavenly visit was a blessing and a privilege. I was introduced to my guardian Angels of The Light who were a 100 or more shades of illuminating transparent blue that appeared also as solid energy. I was held in a huge yet gentle Angel group hug and also nudged to begin my chosen life mission.

I learned that every person has a tailored and chosen mission to experience here on earth, as the Angels explained and seemed to speak and transfer information to me at the same time.

The tailoring of my own mission was offered in detail and I share a bit of it here...."I was to now begin visually sharing the amazing beauty of each person's ANGELS to all those searching this empowering connection and to also capture in meditation the Energy, the Light, and the Colour of these luminous ANGELS. To do this work that enables each recipient to truly see a visual connection with their own Guiding Angels. Layered automatic-writings of personal guidance is to accompany these living portraits to illuminate further guidance. Also an Angel communication name would be written to be used in personal conversation that connects each person to their very own Angels Energy."

I was quite intrigued and surprised to hear that I would become known as an Angel Artist without any formal art training. To be simply gifted with this ability to receive or channel portraits did challenge my left brain's illusion of reality. These colourful shimmering beings told me I had actually pre-planned this ability prior to birth here along with my NAME and family name that I chose to birth into. Again these Angels highlighted that pre-planning is fully indulged prior to every Soul birthing on an earth journey.

To say the least, my Angel visit experience has elevated my perception of empowering guidance in life. The discovery that my MESSENGER family surname was of my choice and that it also holds somewhat hidden clues to my mission, proved to be truly insightful. Again I am told, this is true for everyone. The information seemed to rapidly transfer to me during my visit to this magnificence space and I felt held and solidly supported in the hands of the ALL Source Love. Then this expansive and vibrant Angel energy space gently faded to my vision and I was carried ...

This personal Angel Intervention! (NDA experience) has enabled me to truly know that the universe IS made of LOVE and Angel Energy of The ALL Source! Being known as a Spiritual Artist and Angel Messenger since 1994, I know that I live a gifted and blessed life and I wish to share this with others. My ability to offer reflective Angel energy portraits with guided messages not only elevates my perception of heavenly guidance but enables me the privilege to see others make their personal empowering Angel connections too. This is a space of All Source energy mixing! How can it get any better than this?

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Assistance begins with a channelled VISUAL artwork Angel connection:

These portraits include automatic writings. (or Psychograph) which can be a life changing decision to open to one's intended Soul Growth incarnation and Angel assistance awareness. Plus a Soul Glimpse &/or Mission Reminder can enhance these portraits. (#1 & #2) NO sitting/appointment required, only Name & Birthdate, then overcomes distance for all recipients.
FREE AUDIO on You Tube: To ease into meditation with a self-healing and Angels' assistance, I have channelled/received a guided meditation gift.
A Stress Release called "HEALING HANDS" free online/YouTube.
CD Meditations: (Downloadable and also on CD) Different time lengths of 4 different guided meditation sessions are recorded on one CD to offer guided Angel visits. "ON WINGS YOU CONNECT"
Shuffle & select for a daily connection. This 33 card deck offers an "ANGEL VISION" of guidance. Each of these cards also encourages further comprehension and refection on the channelled messages of the Angels' within my books.
Phone Readings can be pre-arranged to assist those wanting some current guidance from their own Angels. I share the visions received from the Angels to reveal the next big step to actualizing their future Soul growth intentions on a near future basis.

What philosophy do you live by?

Two statements guide my current thoughts. (1) "What I think about expands!" and (2) "Bliss is undisturbed by loss or gain!" I am very much aware that my life is guided by all my choices plus Angel choreography. These thoughts the Angels call "Enriched Thoughts = as they are 2 part thoughts of Appreciation & Anticipation". When I stop for a moment and recognize a Mirror vision is playing out, I can awaken to my best response of LOVE to ignite my Soul growth and those infinite possibilities!
My Angel connection is something I never want to be without!


...I have to tell you a very strange thing regarding this angel portrait. First I thought it resembled Mom. Then, I said ..."But that's me"! How can this be? Unbelievable (unglaubliche!)
- Herta, Bad Honnef, Germany

...Thank you, the message is so very accurate and profound to prepare for the next step in my printing company success. Also amazing how my Angels' name is a very big part of my life.
- Roberto, Puerto Rico

MEDITATION testimonials:
...My (free) Angel Healing Hands Meditation was such a wonderful experience it leaves me wanting to share everything I felt, starting with the feeling of being massaged from my inside out. Thrilled that I took the time to enjoy some healing love energy. Thank you Gloria & Angels of the Light.
- Shelly, Canada

...I experienced this (free) Healing Hands Stress Release guided meditation by Gloria, preventing sickness. Our hands are guided inside and outside of the body mixing the wonderful healing energy. Bright colors calmed and energized me. I'll be using it in my Spiritual classes. Thank you.
- Rev. Louise Michaud, Canada

ANGEL ALERT testimonials:
...I did it, picked how I wanted my angels to contact me and asked them to make my mouth around my lips to be noticeably itchy. Then later I was just sitting here contemplating the direction of my life with many different ideas and didn't my lips/mouth start to itch. Thank you for teaching me this, I'll be more attentive now to my thoughts and environment.
- Wendy, Canada

BOOKS testimonials:
...I can't put this book down, A Mirroring Discovery with Angel Visitations! It answers so many of my long unanswered questions. I want 5 more copies of this amazing book to give to special friends....
- Roxsane, Canada.

...My heart overflows with joy and gratitude. The book is written in a uniquely interesting display of balancing our team players, Soul Body, Mind, Ego, and Angels of the Light. It's a rhythmic beat of teamwork that induces a harmonic performance. Magnificent undertaking of LOVE!
- Marcelle, Canada

...The MOST BEAUTIFUL book in the world: Yes, just to feel its velvety silk Cover! And that is just the outside. Inside each page reveals something special from its contributors, ages 3 to 70+. Today I randomly opened to the Pet Angel, perhaps because it's the anniversary of my beloved cat's death. The colourful images & stories definitely surround me with Angel energy.
- Carolyn, Canada

ANGEL VISION reading card deck:
...I use these cards every day and also bring in my purse. These Angel Vision cards fit in your hand for ease of shuffling and I love that the message is right on the card to eliminate refer or look up steps, yet offers guidance to deeper insight with in Gloria's book - A Mirroring Discovery. Love & Light,
- Carolyn, Canada

ANGEL phone readings:
...Oh Gloria, the images you shared were so right on to describe my life and also gave me hope for my future steps. The riverside vision was so very special to me and I have made it a meditation that I often visit. You will never know how much comfort you have given me and to have it come directly from my Angels ... WOW is all I can say, so amazing. Thank you so much.
- Bonnie, Canada

Thank you Gloria for the beautiful phone reading. Your images and descriptions offered me clarity to continue to move forward and with some of my ideas. I also received comfort in knowing my current situation will result in some magical experiences. It confirmed that my wishes will come true and that I can relax in the support of the angels. Hugs
- Kathy, Canada