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What has brought you to this work?

Source brought me here through my Divine Self for the sole purpose to help raise the frequencies of this fear-based level through teaching from my deeper awareness, from my inner experience coming from the inside out. Being aware of my descent into this physical level, into this material world before being born, remembering being this Vast Being of Light has brought me a unique inner perspective because I have never lost this awareness of my Divine Identity. My struggles have been about entering into the small human vehicle called the physical body. The resistance came from my not being able to recognize anything from this physical level, making me unable to relate to it. Everything looked, felt, and was foreign to me. I was unable to fully enter and merge with this tiny human body which I knew was not “ME”. This left this inner “door” between both worlds open which created confusion and terror, as my awareness could not understand anything from this physical dimension. Nothing here matched what I knew to be the Truth that I call Source. This began my guided inner studying of this Physical Creation, as I gradually descended layer after layer after layer, from the Higher, Divine frequency levels, down into the lower, physical ones, receiving the Knowledge and Truths from each level, “travelling” through the Spiritual, the Mental, the Emotional and Physical layers, putting together all those pieces to give me the bigger picture of this physical world that I was entering into, and how everything fits together in Source in order for me to prepare, perfect and translate this Understanding and Knowledge into intellectual words to be able to teach from this deeper, inner perspective to those that are ready to be touched by the Love & Light Essence that comes with this Wisdom directly from Source, at the core center.

It took me over 50 years to gather and experience this Wisdom from continuous inner guidance through the multi-dimensional layers of this Physical Creation to complete my descent into the physical body consciousness called the human self, merging with it more fully. My entire life’s focus and purpose here has been to live and do this inner work, 24/7, to prepare myself for what we are to gradually materialize. It is now time to share all this Knowledge with others who are ready, in order to help humanity ascend onto the next dimensional frequency level where this fear-based world dissolves into the Love-based frequency level, manifesting “Heaven on Earth” at last.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

What philosophy do you live by?

I am here to serve Source, to bring and hold my Love & Light Essence here from the Higher frequencies that I come from in order to help ascend this level and merge Divinity with humanity, first from within my own self. I reflect people’s Spiritual side, their female polarity. I have done this inner healing work within my own multi-dimensional self, which is what I teach others who also wish to heal from the inside out, removing the inner causes behind the blockages that are in the way of Oneness from occurring here.
I call this healing process: “Self-Healing Through A Better Understanding Of The Physical Creation”. That’s what I do… I teach this Understanding to help people heal themselves. Once you understand how all the multiple levels fit together from the inside out, then you can begin to align your Entire Being back into Oneness.


"That book is fantastic! It totally moved me and made me reassess a lot of what I thought I knew was Truth before reading it."

"The insight and knowledge Murielle possesses amazes me. Her book has guided me to a better understanding of oneself and the knowledge that anything is possible."
-Diane, Niagara Falls, ON

"So thankful Murielle connected with me. I found her book to be insightful and inspiring. She explains how to heal all of our levels in depth and in an easy to understand format. I enjoy meeting with her and recommend a visit with her to personalize your healing with her methods."
- Kathy Upper, Spiritual Niagara, Niagara Falls, ON