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Bas Opdenkelder
School of Indigo Qigong

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What has brought you to this work?

After a long history of martial arts I came to the realization that my body was not functioning optimal. Physical issues and additional stress that was building up inside my core did me remember some earlier teachers who talked about improving our internal energy levels. A working understanding of meditation brought me through some research to qigong (chi kung). The practice of working with energy.

An earlier master of pentjak silat (Chinese-Indonesian fighting art) taught me some movements and these lessons brought me back to connect with an in Beijing recognized and certified Chinese Master of Qigong in Canada. His teachings in Hunyuan Gong fitted perfect with my need to learn more and I spend 5 years studying under his guidance which ultimately brought me certification of 10 medical qigong modalities and a solid introduction to at least another 15 more.

Unfortunately he passed away to soon therefore could not finish his teachings. After these years I connected with several other Qigong masters and continued widening my base of knowledge of teaching Qigong to new students. As part of the teachings we were to lead classes of new students and help present workshops and energy healings. A practical hands-on learning with the Master himself. Now I present workshops, do weekly classes in Burlington and at home (private). Energy healings with acupressure and travel whereby workshops overseas are always combined with assisting in hospices with cancer patients.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Qigong and Taichi Classes
Qigong is an ancient chinese healing system, a part of traditional chinese medicine, which is movement of the body that is meditative and connects the body, the spirit and the breath. It also focuses on the internal organs and relaxing and calming them through movement and sound to enhance our ability to withstand stress. Taichi is slow moving martial arts which is also meditative. I offer classes and training in both disciplines. I have been teaching for over 25 years and I am a certified Medical Qigong instructor.
I offer classes in Grimsby from my home on Sundays at 10 am from January until April 30th and from May until September at the Grimsby beach, the Elizabeth Street Pumphouse.

Energy Healing together with Acupressure
Touching, pushing and pulling with my hands or fingers to enhance the movement of (qi)energy in the body and open energy blockages. (acupuncture without needles).

Fa Qi
Through years of qigong practice and meditation my body and spirit I am able to produce a very powerful energy healing. Each healing is unique to the individual. Moving and sending energy through the hands to certain chakras on the body brings in vibrant energy to reduce stress and relaxes the body, but above all it helps with opening the energy blockages. Acupressure together with Fa Qi is a very powerful holistic energy healing.

Kutus Kutus Healing Oil
In my travels to the orient I have been connected with Kutus Kutus Healing Oil. A natural oil produced in Bali with 69 different herbs and spices. Five (5) elements of tree of life: leafs, stem, roots, flowers and fruit. Plus 2 elements that are water and fire. Combined with coconut oil and various kinds of essential oils. The combination of these natural ingredients create a very powerful addition to my energy healing whereby acupressure and fa qi are applied now together with this non-toxic Healing Oil. (With one treatment your flu symptoms will disappear).

What philosophy do you live by?

To be of service to others. With my acquired knowledge I have a responsibility to teach others and help where I possible can to improve people’s health, which include also to create an emotional balance within the person that I am teaching or are giving an energy treatment. Teachings for the sake of making money is the wrong philosophy and does not work for me. I teach from the heart and care about everyone that needs support.


I have had the pleasure of meeting fellow Light Worker, Bas Opdenkelder, several years ago in Toronto at a Medical Qi Gong Conference organized by Master Teresa Yeung. I had the opportunity of getting to know Bas personally over a meal and also professionally by attending his 12 Step Respiratory Qi Gong class. But, Bas is a man of many talents. He is also a martial artist and a healing practitioner. In addition, I know he is all heart and genuinely cares about his community by teaching Qi Gong, Taiji, Martial Arts and helping people understand that they are the doctor. I am proud to know him and to share the same path as him in this lifetime.
- Ed Dolezal Professional Member of The National Qi Gong Association Founder of Universal Qi Gong and Tai Chi Institute Organizer and Director of The Holistic and Metaphysical Expo of the Palm Beaches, Florida

I have know Bas Obdenkelder since before 2012. We have studied the arts of Qi Gong, Medical Qi Gong and Tai Chi with each other. To learn from Bas has been and continues to be a joy for me. We have both taught as Sifus separately and together. His lineage is different than mine, giving us the benefit of both of them. Bas has a unique way of teaching. He puts his students at ease with a relaxed way. His knowledge is extensive in the field of Medical Qi Gong. If I were to be asked to recommend a teacher for any institution, Bas would be my first choice. Certification as a CTF certified instructor is long overdue. I recommend it highly. He is a member of the CTF.
- John Friedrich, CTF Certified Teacher, CTF National Coordinator

Hi Bas, thank you for the qi energy treatment after Sunday morning's qigong class. After discussing my ailments of neck and shoulder I was surprised of your offer to do a hands-on session as I was unaware of this specific modality. At one point when your hand was on my forehead and a finger of the other hand applying pressure at a specific point on the back of the neck. I visualized a white light rushing inwards into my forehead. It was similar perhaps to a waterfall of energy. Also it felt as if there were heat packs or a heating pad generating a soothing warmth throughout the whole shoulder and neck area. Even another student was invited to check the energy emanating from my shoulder and commented on its intensity. What amazed me the most was although after only a few minutes I felt incredible relief of both the shoulder and neck injuries, which have plagued me for several years. I noticed a greater range of motion in my neck and increased flexibility combined with the sensation that my neck was alive with an identity of its own, separate from the rest of my body. My shoulder impairment, which gave me difficulty performing qigong forms during your class was now almost non-existent. This profound therapeutic awakening amazed me so much that I am still in awe as to its short treatment duration and scope of healing benefits. It’s a pleasure to be a part of your Indigo Qigong community that reflects its genuine interest and compassion to heal.
- Respectfully yours, William