Introducing...Dr Yvonne Oswald
Hypnosis/NLP Trainer, Author, Clairvoyant
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Dr Yvonne Oswald

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What has brought you to this work?

I was born in Manchester, England and my Grandmother ran, and was the principle medium, at the Spiritualist church there, so I grew up healing and communicating with spirit. My sister died when I was 13, which led me to explore different aspects of spirituality in my search for answers. I traveled the world, teaching and doing life readings in South Africa, Italy and Portugal, before settling down in Canada. Work on myself led me to discover Hypnosis and NLP and I went on to write my best selling book, now in eleven languages, Every Word has Power. My PhD is in Clinical Hypnosis. I teach at the Edgar Cayce Institute in Virginia Beach and travel all over the world speaking and teaching. 2016 had me in the Arctic Circle teaching teachers and the Cree First Nations chief and his council. Most exciting to me is working with war vets to clear PTSD and working with at risk teens. My goal is to train as many people as I can to pass on the work that my grandmother started in the 1950's of making people's lives better and happier.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

I teach Past Life Regression Certification, 4 day Board Certified Hypnosis Practitioner and Master's and 4 day board certified NLP Practitioner and Master's from The Healing House in Niagara Falls.

My individual sessions consist of an hour and a half of Palmistry, Tarot, Numerology, and clairvoyance (record on your cell phone). For trauma and emotional clearing I offer 3-4 hour breakthrough sessions, which clear everything from the past, including suicidal thoughts, depression, PTSD, phobias and grief.

Hypnosis sessions are for weight release, prosperity, pain relief and smoking cessation.

I have won two National US awards for most unique contribution to the field of hypnosis and was nominated for a US Visionary award for my work clearing negative emotions.

I Keynote at many conventions throughout the world. Copy and paste this wonderful Cd to your browser and listen daily: Forgive Yourself and Others

What philosophy do you live by?

I believe that success starts with self talk and it is my goal to change as many people's minds as possible! Pun intended! My life is one of service to God by bringing people to self worth and self empowerment. I live, breathe and sleep inventing new and better techniques to delete old files and alter old DNA patterns better, faster and - permanently. I have a gift for resetting people's GPS towards success and happiness. Coming from an abusive childhood, I did everything I could - talk therapy, rebirthing, gestalt therapy, scream therapy etc. to clear negative emotions, and then I was fortunate to discover Hypnosis and NLP, which transformed my life. It is said that 85% of our self talk is negative, so in my book and in my trainings I teach techniques to Switch the negative self talk to positive. My world is one of peace and harmony but with a strong, practical determination to make a difference and leave my mark. I love my work and I'm looking forward to publishing my next two books this year.


I have known and worked with Yvonne on a professional level for almost two decades and, over that time, I have developed a great respect for her commitment, passion and expertise. She has a naturally up-beat, welcoming and comforting personality while being incredibly intuitive, direct and solution focused. Over the years, I have come to think of Yvonne as a trusted friend and colleague and will continue to keep her at the top of my list when recommending friends and clients.
- Tracy B Richards - Personal Growth Counsellor; Licensed Ontario Wedding Officiant; Life Celebrant, Mentor, Speaker, Blogger, Visual Artist

Yvonne has a heart of gold always looking out for people and connecting them to the right people. She takes the eyes off herself and focuses on their needs and what can catapult their business in the right direction towards success! Dealing with people it is so hard to find people like Yvonne who are genuine and takes her eyes off revenue and concentrates on developing a relationship. You have it down Yvonne - a role model for all to learn from being in business. It is a pleasure to call you my friend and I highly recommend you contact her for a presentation. Success and health to you my dear friend...
- Joy Foster - Owner, Kimberlite Enterprises

I've read Yvonne's book Every Word Has Power at least twice. It is cogent, relevant and real. She does a fantastic job in helping readers understand how our energy attracts both positively and negatively. Our words are so very much powerful and Yvonne does a masterful job in illustrating through words just how powerful they are. You would not go any where close to wrong by having Yvonne on your team.
- Marc Medley - Radio Talk Show Host - The Reading Circle w/Marc Medley on WP88.7 FM and