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What has brought you to this work?

As I look back over my choices, I am sure my career in counselling began with an unconscious desire to find some way to free myself from anxiety and find peace, perhaps even joy. Even though well educated, married, and secure, still I was unhappy. The breakup of my marriage shattered my security in the world enough to send me desperately searching for a “Better Way” than relationships and success in the world to find my happiness and inner peace. Gratefully, I was led first to the Gestalt Institute of Toronto in 1974, and then in 1977, “A Course in Miracles,” where I discovered the happiness, freedom from fear, and peace I sought came from UNDOING MY EGO SUPPORTS/ DEFENCES and learning ways to STILL MY THINKING MIND. I learned, through experience, that freedom from fear and peace comes from WITHIN through stillness and letting go ego attachments. This is now what I help others to learn and EXPERIENCE, using the exercises and lessons taught to me in my Gestalt and “Course in Miracles” training.

Background Experience
M.Ed. Counselling, University of Toronto; Head of Secondary School Counselling Services; Trained at The Gestalt Institute of Toronto; Employee Assistance Counsellor and Program Director, Oshawa and Invermere, BC; Addiction Prevention Counselling for the Canadian Military in Baden Germany as Base Life Skills Coordinator; Private Stress Management and Family Counselling Practice in Peterborough, Ont.; Ran "Course In Miracles," groups and workshops in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Buffalo, New York;

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Gestalt, “Course in Miracles” based “Peak Recovery,” Counselling, Education, and Healing to individuals, couples and groups
I specialize in Stress Management, Relaxation Training, Guided Meditation, Healing, and Recovery Counselling, specifically in the areas of stress, loss, change, relationships, destructive coping choices, anxiety, and depression.

What philosophy do you live by?

My healing philosophy is that all healing, recovery, and any lasting peace, power, joy and Love Awakens naturally within us in direct proportion to our willingness to LET GO our ego identification, our attachment to our mind-body-emotion supports and defenses. These ego defenses act like clouds to hide our True Identity as Energy or Eternal Spirit. "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. It is not necessary to seek for what is true, but it [is] necessary to seek for what is false." (and remove it.) -"A Course in Miracles"- In other words, we need not seek or create Love, for that creative energy is who we are. We must, however, find and remove all the fear-based, mind-body-emotion, ego support and defense barriers we have created within us that hide, this is our True Identity. I see my role as a recovery counsellor simply as a guide to assist others in the awareness and release of these destructive ego defense barriers.


"There was not one negative piece of feedback. Everyone had a personal experience within the seminar, which they indicate to be powerful for them. He was excellent. They saw his passion and found him inspirational. His Peak Recovery presentation seemed well suited for the Orchard's program."
- Sue Noble, Counsellor, Orchard Recovery Centre, Bowen Island, BC.

"I hope you arrived home safely and that all is well. I am writing to tell you once again what a valuable contribution that you made to our group. Your dedication to each individual in facilitating his/her healing was stellar. So many reported breakthroughs in places where they were stuck. You joined with them with love and compassion, always calling on Spirit, and thus miracles abounded. You offered us a clear channel for grace to pour through you. Thank you for spending this time with our group and in sharing your healing gifts."
- Sarah Huemmert, CIM Group Leader, Edmonton, AB. Canada

"After a weekend like the one we (as a group shared) with you here is no going back! In this illusion we call "Life", I was sitting at that crossroad, wondering if I had made the right choices, stuck in my emotions, blocked by my fears.
With your help I was able to get through the fear to the pain where the healing needed to begin, instead of being stuck in the emotion – as I had been for years.
For me, taking the "why" out of the equation seemed to take away the ego's power making the process of "Authentic Forgiveness" easier. Of all the people I've met since being part of the ACIM group, David Hoffmeister and company, Gary Renard, they were all great but not someone I was comfortable with being as open as with you. Thanks being you. I know I still have work to do but now I have the knowledge and the tools to succeed. Thank you, David."
- With much gratitude, L.M., Edmonton, AB

"I loved the meditation by David. The meditation was extremely powerful, his voice was soothing and comforting, and created a space of openness and acceptance that was perfect for setting the stage for healing. The merging of bioenergetics with mindfulness powerfully led me into deep inner journey towards peace and full mental/physical relaxation. I also found him to be extremely intuitive and insightful with all of the goddesses in our group."
- T.G.

“David, Thank you so much for this weekend. The feedback from the girls over the weekend and since the weekend has been beautiful. Each one of the girls had the release and breakthrough they needed on our Goddess weekend and large part of that we can attribute to you. You gave us a beautiful space to be honest in and it allowed L. and I to be truly present and do some releasing as well, something, which would have been harder if we had led the meditation.”
- Love and light, J.B.