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Intuitive Medium, Channel, Spiritual Consultant,
Reiki Master & Spirited Rainbow Energy Therapist

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What has brought you to this work?

My experiences on my healing path have given me a passion to help others on their own healing paths. All of the work that I do, readings, Reiki, counselling, Spirited Rainbow Energy Healing, is all directed towards healing and growth.

I was always interested in the spiritual side of life, and I have found through my life that teachers and passions have come to me as I've been ready to learn from them. I studied Astrology as a teenager, and again in my 30s. I've been fascinated by Dreams, and have had vivid ones, for as long as I can remember. I still remember dreams from my pre-school years! I started playing with Tarot cards in university, and working with them as time went on. As I searched to find a spiritual home, over the years I studied or read about world religions, including Wicca, Christianity, Native North American, Buddhism, Judaism, ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman beliefs being the main ones. When I experienced a great loss in my life, I discovered Shamanism, and then Reiki. Through my lifetime, I heard many voices and finally started working with them. I am so grateful to my Spirit Guides, my Angels, and particularly to my Grandmother Margaret, my daughter JennyJoy, and Archangels Gabriella and Michael, who all help me so much in my work.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Intuitive Medium
As an Intuitive Medium, I connect people with their loved ones who have crossed over, providing Spirited Insight from them, and their Guides and Angels. I am told that I work with great compassion, gentle humour, and understanding. Readings also give clients a sense of what's going on in their lives, and how they can move forward.
Private Readings are available in person or via Skype.
I also offer Reading parties, as well as workshops and lectures on Intuition, Tarot, and more.
Astrological Charts
I provide Astrological Charts, prepared with professional software. Your Natal Chart with interpretation will help you to consider what lessons you are here to learn, providing clarity and new ways of seeing yourself. Couples Charts give insight into potential strengths and challenges within a relationship, and how to work with these.
Spiritual Counselling
Sometimes people come to me for Spiritual counselling and advice, separate from connecting with their loved ones. These readings are directed by the questions the client comes with, and by what information is received from Spirit. While channelling of Spirit Guides can happen in any reading, it is more likely to happen under these circumstances.
I offer Reiki treatments, classes and Attunements. I have been attuned in both the Usui and Tibetan traditions, and have been working with Reiki since the mid 1990s. Reiki is Japanese for Universal Energy, and can help people to heal on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Spirited Rainbow Energy Healing
Spirited Rainbow Energy Healing is a Reiki-based modality that I have developed over the years, as I've been instructed and guided by Spiritual Healing Masters, and ArchAngels, especially Gabriella and Michael. Like Reiki, Spirited Rainbow Energy addresses healing on all levels, and it also incorporates Light Body Work (Orin & DaBen), Sound, Colour, Stones/Crystals, Visualization and other techniques.

What philosophy do you live by?

I spread Light wherever I go. I want everyone whose path crosses mine to go forward feeling better for the encounter.


"I have been consulting Margarett for over 20 years - which gives you some idea of how much confidence I have in her and her readings. There are some very good reasons for this confidence. First, her connection with her deck is extraordinary. She seems to actually see me in each card as she reads it and to know which elements apply to me at that time. And it will be different elements if the same card comes up again in a different reading. Second, the readings are always and invariably positive, uplifting and confirming, whether it is a pat-on-the-back, a gentle boot to the behind - or, as is usual, both. Never have I gone away feeling upset or down; always I feel a great surge of energy and a deep gratitude for the information and the validation. And always the information rings true and feels right to me, even if it is unexpected or surprising when I first hear it. Third, it isn't necessary to meet with Margarett in person. Now that I live thousands of miles away from her in Texas, I consult with her by phone or Skype. It works just as well, since energy and Spirit know neither time nor space. So, if you really want to know what's up with you, and be inspired on your journey, sit down with Margarett and open your ears and your heart to what she can tell you."
- Sharon Brown, Texas

"The Rainbow Energy treatments help me to relax, de-stress, experience pain relief, and have also brought some emotional issues to the surface which I've then been able to deal with. The difference in how my energy feels after a treatment is really incredible."
- Anne Jenkins, GTHNA

"It was such a pleasure and honor meeting you! You are an amazing person with such a wonderful gift! I can't even find the words to thank you for what you did for was so overwhelming to be able to connect with my Dad and to know what he had to say so we all can move on. Most of all, to be able to not carry that heaviness of the guilt I felt all these years for not being there when he passed. Everything you said made so much sense, and validated intimate things that I kept in my heart. Thank you for that, you have no idea what this means to me, this is something that I needed to do, and didn't know how until I met you. I am eternally grateful to you for connecting me with my Dad! I do miss him so much, but now I know for sure that he is around all of us and watching over us! Before, I would talk to him in my thoughts and was not sure if he could hear me or not, but I still did it. But after you told me how he has been helping me with the answers that I get, I know that he has always been listening. Now I can talk to him without any doubt, because I know for a fact he hears me and helps me through. This is an amazing feeling Margarett! I have you to thank for, for giving me the greatest gift of knowing that he is with all of us!
This whole experience is so overwhelmingly amazing! Me along with my family are so grateful to you for giving us this connection to our beloved Dad! We not only found closure, but this was also a beginning for us to have this connection to communicate with Dad any time, any day. Just knowing that he is around us, means the world to all of us! I called my Mom, and told her all about it, I also told my brother to let go of his guilt for not being able to save him. We all found peace with this, and just knowing someday we will all be together means so much to me!
Margarett, I will visit you again, I know it is a "short" drive to St Anns, but my Dad was right, it was SO WORTH IT!! You are a God sent, and I am eternally grateful to you! I didn't know you until Saturday, but I feel like I've known you forever! Everything you told me about myself was so trueGod Bless you for being who you are and helping so many of us, by using this divine gift that you were born with. I can't thank you enough! It was great meeting you and I would love it if we can stay in touch always!"
- Shahani Sarap, Brampton