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Laura Sheldrick

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What has brought you to this work?

I feel that this work has always been a part of my life; even when I was unconscious of it. People have always come to me even when I was a child. Now I have 3 adult children and 7 grandchildren of my own! Through my experiences with the universe I came to realize this is my life's work. I began my formal training in 2002. I have always had a keen interest in spiritual subjects and a thirst for knowledge. People are fascinating learning about their stories in general is a true passion of mine.

I come from a long list of ancestors with gifts. My maternal great-grandmother could hear and see spirit. My paternal grandmother was very nurturing and quite intuitive. My mother is an empath and my father could astral travel helping people all-over while he lay in his sleep state.

It was a subject only a handful of people talk about back then. So, I am thankful to live in a time when the discussing of consciousness and the universe has become much more open. Otherwise I might never have known about these experiences and gifts of my ancestors.

I have always had a passion for understanding and promoting natural health practices and energy medicine. I strive to educate myself and others through self help, books, workshops, and continuing education. My business focus is on natural health, energy medicine, education and empowerment.

My formal education began with learning Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Touch, Etheric Healing, Reflexology, Reiki, Master Reiki and then Advanced Reiki with William Lee Rand. I recently received my certification for the Emotion Code, and I am very grateful to aid others in their journeys.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Emotion Code
The Emotion Code was (founded by Dr Brad Nelson) it is an exciting revolution in energy work based on releasing our trapped emotions. "The body does not forget".

Sometimes, an emotion is so powerful it is very difficult for the physical body to process and release. This can affect the way we think, feel and act. These Trapped Emotions can cause pain, discomfort , disease and ruptures in relationships. Ultimately, these trapped emotions hold us back from living a rich full life. The Emotion Code system works to release these trapped emotions. The results can leave you feeling lighter, happier and with an overall sense of well being.

Reiki is an ancient healing technique. An attuned practitioner channels universal energy that strengthens and harmonizes the immune system, and restores balance to mind and body.

What philosophy do you live by?

I believe in a higher power, a universal energy. That; what goes around comes back around, So be kind and do no harm. Everything happens for a reason. There is good in everyone.


I have known Laura for several years. We have gone to classes, fairs, and meetups together. The Emotion Code was a great experience. I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I became more positive in my thinking and my energy level went up. After a week passed I found more changes were going on. Laura answered any questions that I had and she was very professional in all aspects of the whole experience.
- Suzanne Klayh

I definitely recommend the emotion code, heart wall release work with Laura Sheldrick. Laura's ability to connect with me, create a comfortable atmosphere and ask the appropriate leading questions when more information was needed allowed our sessions to flow easily, whether in person or by phone. The speed at which I could recall, or bring to consciousness and then release the emotions, demonstrates Laura's level of ease with the process, her ability to tune in to me, her client, and her adeptness with kinesthetic testing. I attribute the positive significant shifts in my life to my readiness to do this work, and guided by Laura, the release of deep and hidden trapped emotions that became self limiting beliefs.
- Gillian, Author: Explore, Transform, Flourish - Support and Hope for Those Who Help Others - Dundas, ON

I had the pleasure of meeting Laura Sheldrick in 2006 when we took Reiki and Medical Intuit Class together in 2006/2007. We also traveled to the US together to take "Advanced Reiki Training" and our "Master Reiki Training' with William Rand. Laura is a special and caring healer and has joined me when we had Energy Workers gatherings to promote self care and healing for the healers. We share ideas, insights and ways of self development which one may not have thought of. Laura always puts her client’s best interests first.

When Laura came to ask for volunteers to allow her to practice the "Emotion Code" I felt confident in recommending friends to see her knowing that she would always take care of her client in the best way possible. Many of those she treated came to me to let me know that they felt energies had shifted, even if they did not understand the whole practice, they knew it worked. I would gladly recommend Laura to friends or family who are looking for a proper energy clearing experience.

Yours in Love, Light and Blessings
- Darlene Daly -, Brantford, ON