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Kathleen Weagant
Aroma Bubbles Lifestyle Boutique

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What has brought you to this work?

My journey started by making analgesic balm for pain, something I have experienced throughout my life. As I started making larger batches, I put the balm into tins and took them to the local markets. This allowed me the freedom to work from home and gave me the opportunity to home school my daughter, who doesn’t fit the mould of public education.

Eventually the salves turned into lip balms, lotions and massage products; and from there I expanded my Aroma Bubbles line to soaps, scrubs, shampoos, clays, and raw materials.

Customers started coming to the house to pick up their orders, sometimes five or six times a day, and my husband encouraged me to move to a storefront (I think he just wanted to get the boxes out of the kitchen.) With this in mind I relocated to the Turner Crescent Flea Market in St. Catharines for a few years. The commute was long and only once a week so eventually I was able to open a little shop closer to home at 12 Jarvis Street in Fort Erie, which I moved into on January 1st, 2015, and have been here since.

In the boutique I am blessed to receive so much love from all of my amazing clientele. I meet new clients every day and the regulars are all wonderful people, and I truly appreciate their support. I started a VIP program at the store as a way to thank patrons for all the joy they bring into my life.

Now I’m only a few minutes from home and can be open as often as I want. With this new-found freedom I decided to host shopping events once a month, and lead weekly workshops to show people how to make basic personal beauty products that are healthy for your skin.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Lifestyle Boutique
The Aroma Bubbles Lifestyle Boutique is located at 12 Jarvis St., Fort Erie. In addition to natural bath and body products, we have a nice selection of regular and plus size Ladies clothing and fashion accessories, local honey and blended teas. As well we have an entire section of metaphysical items such as; meditation tools, jewellery, essential oils, gem stones, crystals, books, CDs, cards, wall tapestries, pendulums, wind chimes, singing bowls, mortar and pestles, chalices, lanterns, candles, musical instruments, dragons, dream catchers, stone statues, fairies, art, runes, and spirit animals, tarot and oracle decks and we are expanding on this department all of the time.

Our Hours
Tuesday to Friday 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Closed Sunday, Monday
VIP - After hours shopping available

We also offer different classes and workshops after-hours at the store, including;

We have been voted Fort Erie’s Finest Unique Gift Store 3 years in a row and we’re going for the fourth; and we received the 2018 Bronze Award from CHCH TV

What philosophy do you live by?

I live to help others find the happiness that I have found, and realize the joy within themselves.


I just started using this product last week, and I can't get over the difference!!!!! I highly recommend this to anyone who is suffering from arthritis!!!! And what I'm impressed with, it's all natural ingredients
- LA

This is a unique and inspiring place!! I always feel rejuvenated after leaving!! This a must see for yourself place... my favourite place in Fort Erie
- LG

I always enjoy visiting Aroma Bubbles. If you are looking for something just a little bit different for a special gift, then it's a great place to shop. Kathleen is always personable and helpful. She has a fantastic knowledge base across all product lines she carries and is always eager to help you find just the right gift for your special occasion. Well worth a visit!
- LW

An Exceptionally Unique Gift Store. Great Prices and High Quality Service. The owner is Passionate and the atmosphere within the store is welcoming and peaceful. Always feel great when I leave. If you have not been to Aroma Bubbles...all I can say is, what are you waiting for?? You will be glad you took the time!!
- KR