Introducing...Deb Vaughan and Jean Porche
The Angel Ladies

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Deb Vaughan and Jean Porche
The Angel Ladies

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What has brought you to this work?

We have been studying the metaphysical world, energy healing and the paranormal independently since we were teenagers. We’ve each had a fascination with the Other Side and the etheric plane all our lives.

Jean has always had a deep connection with angels and studied tarot and astrology quite seriously for many years. She has a profound gift that uses her talents as teacher, writer and channel for angels, helping people from around the world to connect with their angels love and direction. She has offered readings for almost 40 years.

Deb has studied different modalities of energy healing for almost 3 decades. As an Anglican Priest, she presented workshops about angels (and other topics) to church groups and women’s groups around Ontario.

Together, we have been The Angel Ladies since 1999.

Our work is quite simple - whether we are Angel Ladies or clergy, we help people understand about the love and the assistance that is available to them every single moment of the day. So many people are fearful and feel alone, we want to bring them comfort and reassurance.

Angels do not exist without Creator and so, when we speak of Angels we are also bringing people into the presence of Divine Love. This is our joy.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

We laughingly say, "We wrote the book on Angels!" and this is actually true. Our book, Angels Help Us: Discovering Divine Guidance, was not a self-published work but accepted by a for-profit publisher, Dundurn. Our second book, Psychics and Mediums in Canada was also published by this respected Canadian publishing house. Our books speak for themselves: they are well-researched, balanced, grounded books that are also enjoyable reading.

We were chosen for the Vision TV special on Angels, produced by Carolyn Dartnell and aired across Canada. In addition, we have done numerous other tv, radio, and print interviews. We are recognized experts on angels.

We offer angelic guidance readings and angel amulet readings which include a beautiful handmade angel talisman. We offer workshops, often as teleseminars, on angels and a variety of other life-enhancing topics. Deborah also creates angelic medallions which are beautiful and powerfully charged pendants, as well as handmade jewellery. Jean also paints angels in watercolor.

Deb has been officiating at weddings for 30 years and offers spiritual, civil and religious weddings, Her philosophy is "your wedding, your way." To arrange your ceremony and more information on her services visit here. She also offers house blessings both spiritual and religious.

What philosophy do you live by?

We’re all about love and truth. We respect the dignity of others and seek to empower them. We come to the spiritual world from backgrounds of scholarship, so we offer clients and students a deep, grounded basis from which to work with angels. We teach people to hear and work with their angels; we do not want to be gurus but choose to empower people to hear their angels independently. We often say that we put ourselves out of work by doing this, but everyone has an angel who will work with them.

Students who want to learn to offer angel readings with us must be prepared for a lengthy commitment; we do not believe that a weekend or four day workshop is sufficient preparation for such important, life-changing work.


"Thank you for my angel messengers! They are beautiful and I can feel the energy from them. They bring such comfort and help to the people I give them to! I’ll let you know when I need more."
- Josie, Toronto, Ontario

"I was amazed by the reading. The angels’ message was just beautiful. I get chills when I think of it, it was so full of love."
- M.J., Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

"The prosperity workshop was great. I’m glad I participated and here’s my follow-up: We found the perfect cottage and it’s already booked fully for the season! I’ve started a new career and am earning very satisfying commissions already; I can see that this is a perfect fit for me and so much better than my old job. Please put me on your mailing list for future workshops."
- JW, Toronto, Ontario

"Thanks for the Dreamsmith session. I took pages and pages of notes! I’m so excited about using the strategies and ideas you gave me. If I get stuck, I’ll call you."
- Teresa C, USA