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What has brought you to this work?

"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are for." This quote by J.A. Shedd (1928) has always inspired me. For we are the masters of our destiny and the captains of our ship and sail we must!

For nearly 30 years, I have been crafting the best tools possible to help you navigate your journey and reach the destiny of your choosing. We all have the independence to make our own choices. And you have free will to use universal laws that will create balance in your life, prosperity and love. My goal has always been to show you how.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

I am a frequent guest speaker on the subject of Metasymbology and the Universal Laws that help others find fun and meaningful ways to live their best life.

I have authored two books on the subject of the ancient science of cards. My first book, The 52-Card Readers Handbook, was intended for readers with a basic understanding of the esoteric meaning of playing cards. Its wide-spread success surprised me and made me realize how many people were not only "getting it", but eager to learn more. Thus, I decided to write The New Game, 52-Day Cycles of Time, a book filled to the brim with easy to read insight for everyone to enjoy!

Private Readings and Consultations
Metasymbology uses a hidden calendar in the 52-card deck to map your place in the seven x 13-year cycles that span over the course of your lifetime, and seven x52-day cycles that roll around every year. The purpose of this ancient science is to measure the effects of karma and gain an advantage over the law of cause and effect. As a Metasymbologist, I specialize in analyzing the cards and planets to help you get what you need. My goal is to illuminate your journey and empower you to reach the destiny of your choosing.

Vedic Astrology
Vedic Astrology is the ancient eastern method of astrology. It provides a deeper spiritual perspective on your life's journey. During a private reading, I will include Metasymbology to compliment and add confluence to my astrological predictions and insight. The result is a formidable blend of ancient knowledge that allows me to guide and inspire every aspect of your life in the present moment, the near future, or changes happening 20 years from now.

Spiritual Life Counsellor
By analyzing the cards and planets, I am able to illuminate your soul-nature and reconnect you to the inner cosmos of your higher self. Getting to know your soul-nature allows you to understand why some things are not manifesting in your life as you know they should. The soul always knows...

What philosophy do you live by?

It is my greatest hope that one day "What's Your Card?" is a question that everyone will ask, because the answer is the magic that connects us to our higher self, so we can all live our best life.

Play Your Hand Well!


"For the last 15 or so years Daliah has been a guiding force on my journey through life.... her insight and gift has helped me to make right and thoughtful choices. I have not ever found in anyone the clarity, the accuracy, and compassion... I love the guidance Daliah has bestowed on me and hope it never ends."
- Hollee H., New Mexico

"Thank you so much for giving me such a great reading. I have always wanted a Vedic Astrology reading and every time I tried to get one, it would never work out. Now I know that I was just waiting until you could do it for me. I actually feel a shift in my energy since I spoke with you on the phone. You are very talented."
- K.K. Massage Therapist, Hot Springs, MT.

"I share my intuitive thoughts and concerns with Daliah and she is able to show me the best way to handle anything based on my cards. The combination of her wisdom, warmth and strength brings me great comfort. Daliah is a gem!"
- Melissa K.