Introducing...Sundara Divine
Intuitive Oracle Card Reader, Angelic Healing Practitioner
Divine Jewelry Artisan, Channeled Light Code Artist

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Sundara Divine

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What has brought you to this work?

I have been connected to the angelic realms and unconsciously connected to my gifts since I was just a little girl. My mom loves to tell stories from my childhood about her empathetic daughter selflessly serving others. I experienced a lot of bullying and turmoil as a child and a teen, but that never stopped me from persevering and showing love. As a teen and into my early adulthood I battled health problems, a disease called endometriosis, which left me incapacitated and in a lot of pain. I first truly recognized the angels when Archangel Raphael came to me. I was 20, lying in bed, feeling ill and hopeless; as I began to cry in my despair, I believe he heard my call for help. Green, translucent orbs appeared before my eyes and swirled over me. They slowly descended and penetrated my heart center, after which I peacefully fell asleep. I woke up the next morning in a much different state. I had the urge to understand the angels and what had happened to me.

Through those searches I found the Archangels, the angelic realms, the term "Earth Angel" (those birthed here from other realms) and it all made sense to me. All the challenge and feeling different that I experienced was because of where my soul-body came from.

I woke up enlightened to my true self as an Earth Angel, and I needed to continue to explore. From that day forward, I awoke to my gifts of claircognizance, clairaudice, my connection to the angelic realms, and my abilities as an empath. I began to hear the angels, feel the angels, and listen to their advice. I began to channel the angels, and through their advice I started to meet people on my journey that would help me develop my true purpose. In recent years I met a beautiful woman, teacher, and intuitive, Cathy Starfire Woman. Her teachings became the catalyst for me to manifest the knowledge and strength I needed to meet the goals that I set for myself; goals that would allow me to better use my abilities.

Through her inspiration, and the other amazing people I have met on this path, I began to use the true gifts of my hands, heart, and soul by making divinely crafted jewelry, providing intuitive oracle card readings, providing angelic healing sessions (through obtaining my advanced angelic healing practitioner certification) and channeling light language through painting to create light code art.

I have goals to further share these beautiful gifts with the world, which is why I'm joining Spiritual Niagara. I continue to persevere and I am motivated by my loving family, my mentors here on Earth, and all of my angelic family, who helped me when I felt so isolated; reminding me that I'm never alone.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Divine Jewelry
Ready to wear divine protection for any occasion. Celebrate the cosmic gifts of the Earth by owning any of the beautiful pieces from the gallery. Prices differ from piece to piece, depending on the materials and time needed. All of the pieces are hand-made!
Oracle Card Readings
A form of channeled readings that use a card system to provide answers to your questions. Similar to a psychic, or a medium, but in this system, I channel messages from the angelic realms.
Angelic Healing Sessions
Using my ability to channel forces from the angelic realms, I can provide energy healing services. Through these methods I was able to heal my own illnesses, and I want to extend this ability to the rest of the world. I am a certified advanced angelic healing practitioner. This is available via Skype, distance healing or in person.
Light Code Art
Messages from the angels can be hard to interpret for many, but using my abilities as a channeler, I’m able to use myself as a conduit for the messages they wish to share. Feeling their intentions, I create a painting and interpret its meaning for you; and you can take the work home!

What philosophy do you live by?

My aim is to share my gifts with the world, providing aid to those that need it, and showcasing the majesty of the angelic realms. I am motivated by my loving family, my mentors, and my angelic family who are always with me.


"Before my reading with Sundara Divine I was really lost regarding my spiritual direction. I asked God to guide me in the right direction. I was led to Sundara one day at an event where she was doing readings. She was so accurate with the way I was feeling that it gave me goosebumps. She also connected me with my spirit guide who wanted to communicate with me. She assisted me in learning how to build a relationship with them. After this experience I felt confident and that I was on the right direction on my spiritual path. It has enabled me to fill my heart with light and love. My deepest thanks to Sundara."
-Stephanie Carter, Mississauga, ON

"Sundara has had much insight to offer me on my spiritual journey. She has provided me numerous angelic healing sessions, where she connected me with my guides. Even through her distance sessions, she has been able to provide me with great assistance in healing my energy body."
-Brooke, Wainfleet, ON

"The reading Sundara provided for me at It's Your Festival was very enlightening. It only occurred to me as I was leaving that while I received my reading, it was 35 years, nearly to the minute, that I watched my mother pass away before my eyes. Through that reading, DIVINE DESTINY- there could have been no other card with more meaning in that moment. So real, such true intuition."
-Graeme, Hamilton, ON