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Charlene Hancock
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What has brought you to this work?

My vision is that each person that I connect with will create their own positive ripple effect of a Mindfully Lived Life. I am a Certified Life Coach that builds people up and guides them through their emotional thinking process. It has taken me many years of personal experience and education, reading, studying, and connecting within my community to become a Life Transition Coach.

I have been where you are sifting and sorting, doubting and afraid of the unknown, limiting my own potential. Formally educated, graduated as well as self-taught, I've been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Also a wife and mother of 3 children, I have been through many adventures in personal trauma, responsibility and business ownership.

Through the accumulation of written materials, "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle for example, I myself learned to Be Still. Be in the Moment. I wanted to step out into my world. I began creating my own Life Coaching Workshops. I started facilitating everything I read, receiving my Coaching Certification through Coach Training Alliance in 2006. It is from this place of education and experience that I strive to walk with others through their own "Life Transition".

Throughout one of the many successful group Workshops or confidential One-on-One sessions, I guide people to their higher state of self. For those willing to explore their desire and look a little deeper into their own personal story I provide a "holding of space", a "listening ear", and "insights" into what is said behind the words.

Through the discernment of words, body language, tone, as well as listening to each story I present the inquiring questions that will reveal perspective and understanding as we work towards solutions. All one needs is a desire for their personal best. I challenge people to commit to a contract of love, dedication and the discipline of self-purpose to focus on their life goal(s), giving freedom from self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.

I have designed a special Mind Joy Class Series that represents The Four Agreements. I am very passionate about these agreements, as they have changed my daily living experience. These Four Agreements have given me the personal power to be a great life coach. By guiding others to these life changing agreements, I have been able to help others transform their lives. It is the most rewarding work, creating positive ripple effects for others to enjoy daily Mind Joy because they have chosen to experience living in these Four Agreements by the Author Don Miguel Ruiz.

It is a Choice. It is a Solution. It is Life-Altering.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

The Mind Joy Class Series
This is an opportunity for me to introduce people to The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

We have created four new Classes that can inspire, motivate, rejuvenate and free your thinking into Mind Joy thoughts in your everyday living experience.

These classes include group interactions and sharing experiences of personal empowerment. We invite you to explore what you will discover when you decide to create with paint your newly inspired wisdom. This takes place in Class number four....

There will be life changing wisdom in learning about The Four Agreements (don Miguel Ruiz). These Agreements teach us how domestication keeps us stuck in old versions of the self, and how to reach past your old story.
One on One ~ Life Coaching
These words one on one imply a conversation, and that's what mind joy coaching can offer you. Conversations that create results, because you will be using your own story to create your next best chapter.

After all we are all here to figure this out. The best way to figure this out is through relaxing and being yourself. I reference the amazing authors of our times and facilitate and create with the clients a step in the next best visualized outcome, using concepts and dialogues, viewpoints and information, that is intuitively delivered upon my hearing your story.

Reiterating is a form of respecting another’s words. I value my professional ear. I value people’s feelings and words. I have the ability to mirror back to my clients their story for further examining and optimal personal growth!
Coming in 2018 ~ 5 Day Enlightened Self Care Spa Retreats
In November of 2016, I hosted four pilot projects of four day Enlightened Self Care Spa Retreats in Collingwood, Ontario. I am in the process of creating these same retreats over 5 days in Niagara in Spring of 2018. I am very excited to introduce these retreats into Niagara. They were a great success in Collingwood and I expect the same results in Niagara. Here are a couple of reviews from those specially designed retreats....

"Absolutely a life changing experience. Charlene's retreat was not only super relaxing it brought transformative healing into my life. The range of workshops, natural supportive therapies combined with a superb Chef Lori, who's menu was truly unforgettable! all helped to guide me towards my highest potential. A beautiful journey into health and wellness, I truly felt empowered!"
- Chantelle - February 9, 2017

"I just returned from Charlene Hancock’s Rejuvenating Retreat in Collingwood. Oh my, I wanted to stay there forever. Charlene kept us in the moment with lots of meditation, looking into ourselves and how to find our joy. All the materials Charlene uses to facilitate her workshops are great. She is a power house of motivation. I need this once a year. Also, having Lori Ryan make and show us how to make healthy healing meals was fantastic. Thank you so much!"
- Sue Komandanski - November 27, 2016

They were a great success.

What philosophy do you live by?

My Philosophy is living by Natural Law. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. Because we are living life from cause and effect, I base my understanding of my life experiences through Natural Law. Giving is receiving, what you give out comes back. What goes around comes around. I also believe in the energy field of auras and energies that are part of our Natural nature. I have read many many authors throughout my years of healing myself. My feeling is that all the words that have ever been meant to be expressed and written for personal self worth, spiritual growth, personal empowerment, have already been written. Most of the Master Authors have given us all the answers we need. Essentially, they are all saying the same this, but different, in their own words. My intention is to be the facilitator of these words, in doing so, I am bringing awareness to individuals for personal enlightenment and emotional intelligence. There is no better reward then working with a person who is into receiving the shifts necessary for their personal best. Creating positive ripple effects for others is very rewarding work.


"Charlene is amazing and inspirational!! She has been my life coach for a short period of time and I can't express how much she has helped me. I can't wait to continue the journey of life transformation. Thanks Charlene for your passion during my transformation. I highly recommend Charlene to anyone that is looking for a life coach. Truly worth every minute. "
- Michael Smith ~ Port Colborne, Ontario

"In my experience with Charlene she was absolutely great! She's insightful, respectful and very open. I learned a lot about myself and I feel like I have a much more clear idea of the life I desire. I have done The 4 Agreements workshops and The Passion Test with her and they were wonderful, eye opening experiences. She's a great listener and is filled with wisdom and warmth to help guide you through your life path. If you feel stuck or trapped in life, I highly recommend a session with Charlene. She's one of a kind!"
- Anthony Duz ~ St. Catharines, Ontario

"I LOVED the Four Agreements workshops!!! I found myself very much looking forward to each workshop once I experienced the first one. I felt some major shifts happen in my old ways of thinking and feeling that I've needed to clear to get "unstuck" in my life. The Four Agreements really helped elevate my thinking about other people and relationships as well. It's extremely freeing to understand not to take things personally and not to make assumptions. It's like I've gotten a clear map on how to navigate life. The meditations are wonderful and it was awesome to be able to experience that in the wonderful space Charlene provides; so peaceful and calming. It was worth going even just to experience the meditations, but the shifts that I experienced, I believe will carry me to exactly where I want to go. Going in with an open mind really allowed me to open up. Now I just need to practice and give it my best and keep on moving forward :)"
- Alexis Korotash ~ St. Catharines