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What has brought you to this work?

Hi! I'm Brenda and I have been a holistic practitioner for over 20 years! My journey began with my mom who passed away from cancer at the age of 51. Near the end of her life, she began finding information about alternative therapies, self-reflection as well as herbal remedies. Unfortunately, it was too late to help my mom and she passed away the day after Mother’s Day in 1994.

My mom would share with me what she was learning; and, after she passed, I began my journey to research all I could about the holistic lifestyle. I have taken many courses, read oodles of books…(1500+ and counting!!!) I can NEVER pass up a book sale!! What I found is a more natural way of life. Paying attention to what my body is telling me; utilizing the gifts from nature to promote healing and well-being. And, as well, more peaceful state of mind. In my mind I felt is I was able to help one person who had cancer, my journey would be worth it. Well, about 10 years ago, my father developed a rare form of skin cancer for which he had to have radiation treatments. My dad agreed to take a regimen of supplements before the treatment began.

The doctors stated he would not be able to travel to the appointments halfway through his treatment as it causes severe skin burns as well as the bottoms of the feet. My dad sailed through the treatment with only slight discomfort and was able to travel back and forth from home throughout the whole treatment! He is in remission and doing well.

Throughout my journey I have been able to provide resources and suggestions to those looking to take control of their own health and have a preventative mindset, rather than a reactive one. The heart of my holistic pursuits centres around crystals, colour light therapy, meditation and Reiki. My journey encompasses many different paths, detours and sometimes creating the path myself!! I continue to explore, experience and breathe in the beauty that surrounds me each and every day!

I invite you to take a nice deep breath…………..and let go…of all tension and stress…………breathe in life giving energy…feel your body begin to calm…….Welcome…

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Colour Light Therapy
Utilizing the beautiful colours of the spectrum, colour light therapy supports the body's ability to rejuvenate and restore balance. Using a penlight flashlight with crushed coloured mineral disks, the practitioner will shine colour (colour will depend on the need of the client) on the particular areas. This therapy is done fully clothed, either sitting up or lying down; depending on the need. Colours impact our lives each day; in our environment, food, clothes, etc. Receiving a colour light treatment is a wonderful way to focus colour on a particular area of the body that may need some attention, as well as enjoy some time to just lay back and relax and feel what a difference colours can make in your life! Children and pets also respond wonderfully with colours and enjoy these treatments as well!

Reiki is known as Universal Life Energy.It combines 2 Japanese words: Rei and Ki. Rei is universal spiritual wisdom and Ki is life energy. A Reiki practitioner is a channel for Source and the life energy to travel through to the individual. The spiritual wisdom of Rei will direct the life force energy where it is needed in the body to promote well being of the mind, body and soul. This treatment is also done fully clothed; sitting or lying down depending on the needs to the client. This practice can also be sent long distance; if the client is unable to meet with a practitioner in person and it is also an amazing therapy for children and pets!

Crystal Therapy
Crystals are beautiful, and come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes. They also have their own unique energy signature. During crustal therapy, the client is provided crystals to hold in their hands during the treatments; as well, depending on the needs, a mandala with different crystal shapes and colours are placed on the area that requires balancing. This helps release emotional blockages, and raises vibration. Crystals can also be carried in a pouch, in a pocket or placed in one's environment, depending on the needs of the individual. This therapy is done in conjunction with Colour Light Therapy as well as Reiki.

ION Cleanse
Toxins are everywhere is our lives; products we use, food we eat and the air we breathe. Having an ION Cleanse assists the body in removing toxins from the body through the bottoms of your feet. The process (which is painless) takes 30 minutes, while you sit comfortably in a chair with your feet in a tub of warm water. As the time progresses, you will notice the water changing colour, there may be bubbles, flecks as well as other debris in the water. Each colour or piece of debris is a toxin being removed from your body. An ION Cleanse practitioner will be able to determine where the toxin is pulling from, or what type of toxin it is! There are some considerations and cautions for some individuals; ION Cleanse cannot be provided to: pregnant or lactating women, individual who is equipped with any electromagnetic equipment, organ transplant recipients, or children under the age of 8 years old.

Lifestyle Program
Are you feeling a little off, not well, or know something just isn't right? You've been to the doctor's done the tests and there is "nothing wrong with you." But, somewhere deep down you know that something is going on. Welcome to the lifestyle program. This is your journey; to restore balance to your physical, your mental, your emotional and your spiritual self. This program provides you with the tools to see what your body systems are doing, how to support them, treatments to rejuvenate your body and soul, journaling to search deeper within to release that which no longer serves you as well as many other tools and supports to help you along your journey of well being. By the end of this program you will experience balance, clarity, purpose as well as a sense of well being and happiness. Begin your journey today; all you need to do is begin with a single step!

What philosophy do you live by?

There are many paths towards an end goal. Everyone is travelling a path of their own choosing; there is no right or wrong path. We are all here to learn and experience life to the fullest. For those wanting to enhance the path they're on, or to change direction, I am here to provide options for them. Life is what we make it; I choose to live a life of conscious awareness, enjoying the beauty that surrounds me each day, taking joy in the little things, discovering and expanding myself daily through books, as well as speaking to others. We all have gifts and knowledge to share with the world, so that we may all grow and expand our awareness and raise the vibration of ourselves and Mother Earth. Gratitude and forgiveness of myself and others each and every day; gratitude for the bounty of whole foods the earth has provided, forgiveness and release to let go of hurtful people or ones I have hurt. And, above all else, to love and be kind to myself.


I have recently started a ten week foot Ion Cleanse therapy package with Brenda Lanigan. I can honestly say I never thought I would ever see things come out of my feet like it does in an Ion cleanse. Brenda always explains every step and every little thing that ends up in the water, the possibilities of where it came from and how to avoid the toxins in the future. My skin is getting its moisture back, my joints are no longer so stiff and the foot bath itself is always the best selfish treat of my week!
- Vanessa Hurst, Port Colborne, On.

It's been over ten years that Brenda Lanigan has done colour light therapy on me and I have benefited greatly from this therapy. She discusses my physical and mental wellness with me, then treats those areas with the appropriate spectrum of colours, explaining the purpose and benefits of each light. After each weekly session I feel a relaxing calmness and wellness to my mind and body. Brenda's spirit and professionalism has helped me beyond medical drugs and I would recommend her and this healing treatment to others.