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Owner/Entrepreneur, Intuitive Reader, Energy Healer, Facilitator
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Carolina Lipinski
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What has brought you to this work?

As a young child I was very sensitive, experiencing informative dreams, visions, as well as being aware of Angels and Spiritual Beings. As I grew, I felt the urge to seek more information on what I was feeling and seeing, attempting to un-lock the secrets of the un-explained. My Mother who is also a natural Intuitive played an important role in my life, by sharing her gifts, and words of wisdom.

I guess you could say I came by my intuitive spiritual growth naturally, continuing to search for the light to enhance my lightworker abilities. One path opened the door to another, and more keys became available for discovery, meeting many wonderful souls along the way. I honour the gifts that I received, and wanted to share them with others through Readings, Healing modalities, Workshops, Meditation and further studies, regarding wellness and spirituality. The Spiritual Path is never ending, and constantly unfolding guidance each day if you listen to the still, small voice within.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

I have offered Tarot Card Readings for over 25 years; Tarot can act as a spring board to the higher self. As an Intuitive Medium I receive messages from Spirit Guides and those in other dimensions which can assist with messages to the client, providing guidance, answers, enlightenment and confirmation for more clarity and peace. Other forms of divination include Tea Leaf Readings, drawing from the remaining leaves in a cup that form patterns, either symbolically or actually, providing pictures of the past, present and future. Rune Stones derived from the ancient Vikings, is a language of knowing the self and gaining insight. Angel Cards deliver messages from an Angelic point of view, invoking contemplation and hope. Sacred Geometry Readings offer a deep look at the why, wherefore and how, in life’s continual changing cycles, stirring renewed thinking to a situation or question at hand through the images and text that can open the intuitive self to accelerating wisdom. Crystals awaken my telepathic self, allowing me to receive vibrational messages that are pertinent to the client, to access insight.
Multi-Dimensional Energy practice covers a lot of areas, working with the senses, and vibration, (as energy is all around us), and sometimes our energy becomes blocked, from physical, emotional, or spiritual stress that can attach on to the body causing dis-ease or unbalance. Upon receiving my Masters in energy healing, and seeing a positive difference it made within myself and clients, I pursued other energy therapies. I have studied Ohm Therapeutics, working with various Tuning Forks, which can move stagnant energy and help to relieve pain. Aromatherapy, Smudge, Crystals, Chakra Balancing are also part of my practice. Sound therapy also plays a meaningful part in the healing journey. I enjoy sharing with my clients the Chakra Chimes, drumming and other techniques in my practice. I carry crystals which are pertinent to the above and that can assist people to continue to work on themselves for well-being. I teach classes in the above, as well, I offer workshops, and facilitate special events.
I have written and recorded Guided Meditations and also host Meditation Circles. Meditation is a wonderful way to spend quiet time with yourself and beyond, as well as assisting in grounding and calmness. This is a valuable tool which is free, but cannot be rushed.
Available at various times, check website for information. Also, I am available to facilitate and or co-ordinate special events.
I offer Reading consultations on-line, and via skype. I accept, Visa, Master Card, Pay Pal, Bank Transfers and Money Orders.

What philosophy do you live by?

I live by a code of ethics and continued growth in spirituality and well-being. Staying grounded in beliefs, and staying in the light are important to me, while keeping the faith during the good and challenging times. I respect Mother Earth, the Elements, the Animal, Plant, and Mineral Kingdoms, and the Ascended Masters that travelled before, leaving behind sacred teachings for us to discover. Listening, learning and sharing with others, and asking my Spirit Guides for guidance also plays a meaningful role in my life. Desire, determination and dedication are a part of my belief, and following through with goals, while believing in self and being open to new ideas is important to me. My favorite word is "Imagine"!


"Carolina's spiritual guidance and support has been an integral part of my growth. Her beautiful and unique way of sharing always leaves me feeling very connected and inspired. Not only is Carolina a gifted Reader/Facilitator/Healer but she is also a successful business women with much experience and wisdom. Her store, Haven Global, is a wonderful place to fill all your spiritual needs. Carolina is always working in support of Community, promoting and guiding so many of us towards our greatest possibility"
- Lori Folkins, Fort Erie, ON

"Carolina has created a highly energized, loving environment at Haven Global where she continues to bring together an ever growing spiritual community within the Niagara Region, repeatedly drawn to her and the wide variety of spiritual and esoteric services that she offers including her own exceptional gifts as an intuitive, a tarot reader, a counsellor and a friend. If you have yet to experience Carolina’s talents and are looking for some guidance within your life, all I can say is that it is time to seek her out... and believe me you will not be disappointed in doing so!"
- Timothy Moran Owner/Operator Heart Of Shamballa, Stevensville, ON

"Thank you Carolina for the multi-dimensional healing. The results continue to unfold. One of the first things I noticed was being relaxed about things that usually bother me. Also, the lumps in the arch of my foot have gone away. They were from a foot injury and has been noticeably present for at least four years, now they are gone or have receded. I highly recommend your multi-dimensional healing sessions."
- Sincerely, Kathy, Niagara Falls, NY