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Psychic, Tarot Reader, Reiki Practitioner & Shamanic Life Coach
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Edward Logie
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What has brought you to this work?

I came into this work quite naturally. I inherited my psychic gifts from my mother's side of the family. It was actually my grandmother who inspired and guided me into Tarot reading and mediumship. At the age of 11 I received my very first deck of Tarot cards and the second I saw them, I was absolutely captivated! The cards opened up a whole new world within me and as my grandmother explained, they helped me make sense of the feelings I was experiencing and to truly make sense of the voices that spoke to me. As I grew, so did my abilities, and the one thing I learned is to trust in myself. I then delved into the world of shamanism, learning to speak with the spirits around us, working with energy, doing soul retrievals and experiencing the profound insight into the world that shamanism brings.

I truly consider myself very fortunate to have people in my life who have nurtured my abilities and I am so happy to have joined a community of loving, like-minded people.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Tarot Readings - Personal and Group
I always say that I am here to help answer life's questions. With the Tarot cards, I help people delve into the questions that life poses for them, the events that happen or are yet to happen and to understand why things happen the way they do. A reading consists of a look at your past, present and future. Ask as many questions as you like as I work with the spirits to help give guidance and support. I offer one-on-one Tarot readings in my home or yours and also enjoy doing Tarot parties.
Tarot Reading Courses - Personal and Group
I firmly believe that the gift of Tarot reading is something that we all possess. If you feel the cards calling to you, I would love to help you answer that call! I can teach you to read for both yourself and others and unlock your spiritual gifts. I do this as one-on-one teaching or in small groups.
Mediumship - Personal and Group
As I meet people (and sometimes before!), I find that I connect quickly with their loved ones and ancestors who have passed from this world and I often connect with their spirit guides. I use this ability to help others find closure and peace and to seek guidance from spirit. I offer this service in my home or yours and also to small groups.
Energy Work
As an energy worker, I teach others to harness their natural psychic abilities and work with their energy. With energy work, I can help you learn to promote healing both to you and others, help you learn to set up psychic protections and to use your energy to connect with the universe to help manifest your hopes and dreams.
The Soul Retrieval
When we experience physical or mental trauma, we often lose pieces of our soul. Through soul retrieval it is possible to recover those pieces that have been lost in order to become whole and balanced once again. Often depression and other mental illnesses are a sign that some soul loss has occurred. I can assist in the journey of retrieving your soul.
Shamanistic Life Coaching
Life coaching in the shamanic tradition is a form of spiritual counselling which embraces the wisdom of the spirits, our ancestors and our totem animals. It also focuses on the energy we carry in our lives. With shamanic life coaching you will learn to identify when you are giving away your power, ignoring the signs the universe is giving to you and to mentally heal. You can also learn the art of journeying to find solutions to day-to-day problems and removing obstacles that keep interfering with your life path.

What philosophy do you live by?

The overall philosophy I live by is one of peace and love. I believe it is important be a light in people's lives and to bring no harm to others. I also firmly believe that you need to love yourself in order to truly love someone else. Treating yourself as your own best friend, is a great place to start.


"My reading with Edward was insightful and encouraging. He respected my wishes to not hold anything back "good or bad". His coaching was the best part. Not only did he help by seeing/hearing things but he went above and beyond to understand and guide me through my process. Each time I left feeling energized, refreshed and ready to push on. His interest and connection is pure and genuine. I'm continuously looking forward to our next reading."
- Elizabeth, Beamsville, ON

"My reading and overall interactions with Edward have been a true gift. His warm and compassionate nature allowed me to truly let my guard down and be open to any messages. His reading and predictions have proven to be very accurate in my life and have led me to be more open with myself and trust my intuition. He has a true gift and I encourage anyone experience it with him!"
- Kelly N. Niagara Falls, ON

"Edward's reading offered a very accurate interpretation of both my personality traits and thought processes. He offered guidance on future happenings and insight as to what my focus might or could be in the near future. He has a very gentle way about him and I automatically felt comfortable with him. I really appreciated the honesty in his reading although it was not exactly what I wanted to hear but did provide me with hope. I would highly recommend a reading with him."
- Kathy Upper, Spiritual Niagara