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Your Journey to Freedom

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Eva Lukacs
Your Journey to Freedom

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What has brought you to this work?

My powerful desire to know why am I here? Am I allowed to take up space? There has to be more in life than just 'this'? My desire to find the answers to these questions created a life altering change within myself.

Once upon a time I would have been content to have a 'job', go on a vacation once a year and just live in everyone's shadow. After my level one Akashic record my world opened up to opportunities and life's potentials. This led to finishing Level Four of the Akashic Record. Becoming an EFT (emotional freedom technique) Practitioner and this all began my mission to help ignite freedom in others! I began seeing a new part of me that I never knew existed and I actually had to get re-acquainted with the person inside my body. This is an ongoing process and while doing this I have gained so much knowledge and wisdom that I am bursting to share with others who are ready and willing to find and align themself to 'their true meaning of freedom'.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Soul Realignment
Soul Realignment ™ Do you wonder why is it that you are reading a ton of spiritual books, listening to programs, being a complete spiritual junky and your life is still filled with lack and limitations? Do you set Intentions but no matter how many intentions you set and how much you try to stick with these intentions, nothing is happening?

Allow me to help you bring awareness to how intentional you are and how you can amplify your intentions to help you manifest that which you desire with ease. I will also show you where you are on your spiritual journey as well as your next steps to bringing you back into balance and harmony with all you have read and studies.

During your Soul Realignment session you will learn:
• who you are at a soul level and what that means is:
• What your unique, individuated expressions and what your divine gifts are.
• What your purpose is.
• How to access more vital life force energy to create the experience you want.
• Your Soul Characteristic
• What blocks and interference's are holding you back and keeping you from moving forward easily and effortlessly.
Akashic Record Consultant
Your most powerful level of soul healing available to you! Clear any limiting patterns and energy blocks that are holding you back. Experience the infinite possibilities that are rightfully yours. Based on The Soul Journeys Method - Jennifer Longmore.
Certificate Courses
Usui Reiki Level I-III Certificate Course and Akashic Record Level I -II certificate course please contact me at or
Meet Up On Line
Join me on facebook : Your Sacred Space to Freedom This sacred space is created for you to connect with like minded individuals who are ready and willing to take the necessary steps and actions to create a life of their choosing. Let's get on track and create the life that we really want deep down inside with ease and joy.
    Here is what I will be sharing with you:
  • Audio recording with the assistance of modalities such as EFT and Akashic Records.
  • Tips, tools and resources to keep a clear high vibrational mindset. I know through my own experience that one tool does not fit all people or experiences.
  • Inspirational tips and insights into how you can empower yourself everyday.
  • Monthly EFT tapping sessions as a group benefit. I realize that old programing, stagnant energy comes in the way of you receiving all that is awaiting you.
  • Guided meditations , inspirational and healing and more.
Join me at Security Check Required

What philosophy do you live by?

My mission is to Ignite Freedom in You! I believe that we are all ascending to reconnect with our higher self and life the life of abundance here on earth that is rightfully yours. Claim It! And so it is!


"I've had the pleasure of sharing my story with Eva over the last 6 months.

Eva is warm, intelligent and delightfully skilled. She is able to tap into an organic flow that makes it very comfortable to be myself. Spending time with her has the ease of talking to a good friend. She creates a fun and safe environment for you to come home to yourself. How wonderful!

My discoveries have been fresh and yet stay with me. The "take-aways" are easy to recall and engage when applicable. These have added both height and depth to my experience of life. Each time we are complete I am more aware of my bigger picture with more elements of choice. I am the better for having connected with a lovely lady."
- Delightfully Grateful, Sylvia Wasiuk

"Eva has been a friend of mine for a very long time. How I came about talking to her. We were out for dinner and she explained to me what she was doing and what courses she was taking. Eva asked me if I would get together with her to help in her studies, I agreed. I thought to myself I think she might be a bigger help to me. That's how it all came together. So we did the first few sessions at my house, talking about things I always kept to myself. I could not believe the journey. I felt better about myself in one session. My mother is no longer an issue. The tapping she taught me is very calming. When I get upset I refer to what she taught me. Now we are and have been working on my Akashic Records. This is a real eye opening experience. I can't wait till my next experience with her. Eva to me is so much better than a doctor she is a true friend with very good listening skills. I still need work but i'll get there with her help. Thank you Eva for approaching me."
- Love, Lori

"Whether the challenges I had been dealing with were regarding health, wealth or establishing moral and emotional assessments of particular scenarios, Eva was able to guide me to personally-satisfying solutions.

Eva's approach is always considerate and compassionate - she is very authentic.

I highly recommend Eva's services to anyone in various regards pertaining to personal resolution and growth."
- Daniella R.