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Ritu Singh
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What has brought you to this work?

From a very early age I have always been interested in spirituality. I remember asking questions of others always wanting to gain more knowledge on spiritual practices. My interests ranged from astrology to numerology, crystal healing, palmstry, Wiccan and tarot cards.

I studied Vaastu Shastra which is the Indian view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings. This is based on directional alignment. Then I studied Feng Shui, Chinese traditional, which was developed to assist us with living in harmony with nature and the universal flow of energy.

At first I started applying these principals to my home and my life, and then I felt the changes. I felt a sense of being one with nature and in harmony with the flow of energy around me. I started helping family and friends and they were extremely happy with the results in their homes. As more people appreciated my work my interests and knowledge grew.

I have found that just changing the direction of your bed can make such a difference in your sleeping and waking times. The best part of applying Feng Shui to our home is that you don't have to spend a lot of money or sometimes no money to see results. All we have to do is rearrange some furniture of other items in the house so that the energy in the home or office is flowing perfectly.

We are all made of energy and when its flowing in harmony life is great!

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Feng Shui
As a Feng Shui Consultant I meet with clients to determine what their main concerns are. Feng Shui can assist with concerns in careers, relationships, finances, health or with children. Once I view your living area I can make suggestions on improving energy flow, balance of elements and /or introduction of elements, repositioning of furniture, changing colour schemes if necessary or bringing nature into the space along with other factors. The cost of a Feng Shui assessment is $50.
Tarot Card Reading
I incorporate Tarot, Angel and Russian Gypsy cards in my readings. I provide readings with each type of cards. In my readings I address a questions that you have and readings are approximately an hour in length. I offer readings in my home. I can also provide phone readings with payments made through an Interact email money transfer. Cost for a reading is $50.
Vedic Astrological Birth Chart
In India, people are provided with their birth chart based on the alignment of the planets at the date and time that they are born. I can provide you with your birth chart all I need is your birth date, place and time of your birth. This will provide you with more insight into your personality. You can email me your info and payment can be made through an Interact email money transfer. Cost for your chart is $50.
Yoga for Mind Body n Soul
I offer classes in the comfort of your own home. Personal yoga classes for $20. 1 to 4 people.
I continue to educate myself in other areas of spirituality.

What philosophy do you live by?

Tranquility is the peace that comes when energies are in harmony and relationships are in balance.
Overcome evil with good.


"A little over a year ago my family relocated to Ontario from the US due to a job transfer. We were surprised to learn just how expensive the cost of living was, resulting in us purchasing a house much smaller to which we had been accustomed to. Our new house quickly became very crowded as my wife is something of the sentimental type and could not part with any of our old furniture.
The crowded feeling lead to a significant amount of tension in our family's life. The tension led to arguing and an overall unhappy home environment for everyone. I was really starting to think this whole transfer was one big mistake.
Then my wife suggested we look into getting professional help. My first thought was months of marriage counselling, so you can imagine my surprise when I learned what she meant was Feng Shui. I must admit I was something of a skeptic but was willing to try. My wife had been given Ritu's name along with a glowing recommendation from one of the other parents at our children's school. We set up an appointment and she could not have been more friendly and professional.
Within a short period of time she had reorganized our house and eliminated the cluttered feeling. Fast forward six months later and we all could not be happier. My children are happy, I am happy and most important my wife is happy, and you know what they say "happy wife, happy life". I just want to say thank you Ritu for saving our sanity and quite possibly our marriage. You really helped make our house a home!! "
- Todd

"Ritu is a very thorough and professional Feng shui and tarot reader. Her tarot reading was accurate and insightful. She was able to see specific things in my near future that I was skeptical of and that did come true. She was patient and answered all of my questions. I left feeling positive and relieved about what the present and future had in store for me. She was honest, genuine and direct. Ritu also made some Feng Shui suggestions to help create a more positive energy in my house, especially for my son's room. I have recommended her services to many of my friends, family and colleagues. She's awesome!"
- Michelle George

"I am just writing you to say "Thanks" for helping me deal with a certain problem in my life through the use of Tarot. My inner self has been calmer and happier since taking them. Ritu, your gifts of listening and insight are truly a blessing to those who reach out to you."
- Preeti